Friday, 12 August 2011

PAT CONDELL : THE RIOTS My sentiments exactly

Don't forget to sign the Petition - if we don't leave the EU, we will never have control of our own laws or immigration!


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself ..

    Why is Mr Condell not Prime Minister ?

  2. Captain H: Now that's a campaign worth starting.

  3. Definitely, no namby pamby, liberal, progressive, hoodie hugging crap.

    The degenerates on our streets should fear the police. We were very wary of the Old Bill when I was a kid.

    Instead, the Police hound soft touch citizens with stupid things like smoking and dropping litter.

  4. Pat's wrong on this one. He's blaming the symptoms and ignoring the cause. Their schooling is shite, their mother gets paid to be single so they have no male role models except each other, they know that bankers and politicians get away with theft beyond imagining, and they see the police as brutal bodyguards of the property classes.
    What incentive have the scumbags to be law-abiding, when the priveleged few fleece us and get away with it?
    Their entire festering ecosystem has been developed to keep State employees in a job, and to keep politicians in power and the poor bastards know it. Of course you'll support the State if it feeds you, and gives you a "nice" house, yes? Well, no. Despite the State's best efforts English people aren't easily tamed, even if they are "welfare-dependant drug-addled criminal scum" and not even white. They aren't educated but they aren't stupid.
    Get them in court, Pat, and have them treated as the criminals they are; but no more useless laws from cock-waving Cameron, and no more guns.

  5. I know that bankers and politicians are taking the piss but I don't riot and loot.

    If we fund everything this underclass of unemployed do, they don't have the incentive to do anything for themselves.

    Stop the funding of charities and
    "community projects" and people will be forced to work together, which will create communities they can be proud of and then they won't destroy them.

    It's all handed to them on a silver platter, they don't have to anything for themselves, except whinge.

    Our social benefits structure creates an "every man for himself" society and does nothing to encourage any sort of self sufficiency.

  6. Sue, that's my point. It's the system which allows this dead-end culture to grow. The rioters had a choice and should be punished, but it's the State which funds these sink-hole estates. Young adults emerge from years of schooling unable to read or write, never mind having a grounding in reason or ethics. They can't get a job and their experience of schooling teaches them nothing much, except that adults are afraid of them. Meanwhile their elders are paid for doing fuck-all, with money stolen by the State from people who work.

  7. XX Anonymous said...
    Their entire festering ecosystem has been developed to keep State employees in a job,XX

    Jobs like paying out dole and bastard benefit to the criminal scum that then go out and riot about it you mean?

    If these Untermensch went out and got a job, they would not NEED the "state employees" would they?

  8. Indeed, that is how the Labour government kept employment down. Up to a third of all the working population were funded by the taxpayer by the time they got kicked out of government. That and the welfare systems are the main reasons we are so much in debt.

    The only way we are going to get on our feet is to leave the EU (which we must to enforce our own policies). Kick out all foreigners who aren't skilled. Get young Britons in the jobs they free up. Save millions on education, health, social welfare.

    Put in place policies which do not encourage chav's to breed and make working for a living (no matter what you do) pay better than benefits.

    If that means they have to do without their plasma TV's and Blackberries, it's hardly going to be a hardship!

    We must become a country that is once again self sufficient.

  9. the person who is anonymous should come forward , bet it darn.t it would be derided or as the thing who said it derided means EVERYONE WOULD TAKE THE PISS OUT OF YOU . SO KEEP YOUR GOB SHUT IDIOT

  10. best punishment for those involvedin riots
    1 looters sent to Africa to see what real poverty is
    2 arsonists and violent activists sent to Afganistan to attack the taliban
    3 The rest put in cages at the zoo as they behaved worse than any wild animals I have ever seen

  11. love is all around3 September 2011 at 13:10

    yippe for you beejay ...well said

  12. send all foreigners back to were they belong, we dont want them here. none of them .sad day the curtain came down to let all tht eastern bloc into a civilised world. instead of benefits line up take them to all airports and give them a oneway ticket, far cheaper.