Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Race, Riots, Responsibility and Rational Thinking

There will be lots of "educated" analyses on the riots in days to come. Failing government policies will be flung from left to right in an attempt to place the blame for them on one party or another. The one thing we have to keep in mind here is, whether you blame Labour or the Conservatives, both are equally responsible. Indeed, we are totally governed by a socialist elite who might as well join forces and call themselves "The EU Federal Reich of Britain".

Many of the bloggers I link and communicate with are highly intellectual. You can tell by the way they write. Reasoned, eloquent and calm to the extreme. Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of respect and even affection for some of them, but what you will get from me, is what ordinary people think. People that have to live in or by council estates, people who have been or are on benefits, people who are plumbers, van drivers, shop assistants and office workers. People that have to live day in, day out, with the consequences of uncontrolled immigration!

The riots have almost given us permission to bring up the subject of ethnicity once again, even though there are still people screaming "racist" whenever someone questions it. To say that immigration has nothing to do with the riots, is denying responsibility for a policy that has had a profound effect on our country. To blatantly stare at the myriad of looters in the media and not notice that 98% of the faces are foreigners is to ignore the big fat woolly mammoth sitting in your favourite armchair playing with your playstation.

Foreigners have now taken over vast swathes of our cities and towns. Many of us have had to move out of areas that we were born and grew up in because these people literally took over and surrounded us. They are not like us, they have different customs and values. They have their own communities, they do not integrate and try to fit into ours. They made us feel uncomfortable and if we said anything, they could shout "racist" or "human rights" forcing us to either move or shut our mouths.


The government has advocated the "shut your mouth" policy. It is now illegal to be "racist". Organisations like the BNP and EDL are continually penalised because they are distinctly "white" and the thought of embracing "cultural diversity" is not the way they want to live.

How any authority on earth can control the way people think and feel on threat of arrest, is totally beyond me.  I wouldn't particularly want to live in the middle of a community where Islamic extremists put up Sharia posters or one that is filled with Baptist Churches and African hair salons. That's just the way I am. I like living amongst people who have the same values, traditions and background as me. I like to be part of a group that helps one another, one that shares the same mindset. That's why people of different faiths and ethnicity congregate in one area. That's what makes a community. Nobody criticises them for wanting to live in close proximity to each other but can you imagine what would happen if us "whiteys" tried to do the same thing? Why is it so wrong for us to want the same things that they have? For me to want to live amongst my own "tribe" is not racist, it's perfectly natural.

MIDSOMER (without the murders :)

To say that we have not benefited from immigration is stupid and ignorant. Of course we have. Many newcomers have settled, contribute to the economy and our communities, They bring with them the delights of their cultures to share with the rest of us, but I shouldn't need to say that. Why is it I feel the need to assure the "reader" that I am not referring to all foreigners, lock, stock and barrel, regardless?

It's a paranoia I can live without to be honest.

When our conniving government flung open the door and said "Welcome", they did it for entirely selfish reasons. They did it without any sense of duty or obligation to those of us who pay their wages. Not only that, they didn't bother to pick and choose people who had the same values as us. They didn't let newcomers know there were rules and laws that they had to abide by to keep the peace and equilibrium. They took our hard earned cash and the institutions we had funded for generations and gave it all away free to millions of people without thinking of the outcome. Consequently, an infrastructure that has taken decades to fund and build is now overstretched, overused, abused and on the verge of collapse.


The future of any country lies in the hands of it's children. As adults it is our responsibility to educate and prepare the next generation for the task that lies ahead. It's in our best interest of course, we will need looking after when we are old and unable to work or disabled. Many newcomers that our government invited however, had distinct disadvantages. Some of them couldnt' speak English, others simply weren't up to it and struggled. In their bid to make "all feel equal", the bright sparks in power decided to make exams easier. If they had continued with the current system, the proportion of youngsters from certain cultures would outshine those of others and that simply wouldn't do. It wasn't fair!


Socialism damages education, it rewards failure, it penalises success, discourages responsibility and lacks discipline.

So, we now have a whole generation of youngsters, many of whom have been let down in one way or another. Newcomers weren't told there were rules, so made up their own. They were molly coddled, had free education, houses, health care and money chucked at them, so they didn't bother doing anything for themselves. The education system failed to educate and teach discipline, parents have failed as role models and young people have no direction or ambitions.

The threat of punishment is minimal and rather than 1984 becoming our nightmare reality, it seems more like Lord of the Flies was the blueprint! Clearly, it is not just foreigners that this applies to, but they are in the majority (look at the news, don't argue with me). Many white Britons have found a life of crime, comfort and irresponsible behaviour on the "soash" too.  Can you blame them? If they're watching a bunch of foreigners getting benefits for doing sod all, why should they work? Why should they get up at 6am in the morning to go drive a bus all day when Winston, Władysław or Mohammad down the road is better off milking the system than they are? Do you want your hard earned cash going to the ungrateful family below? Answer honestly!


Which brings me to the riots. The government has been aware for years of the gang culture amongst black and asian "youffs" and adults. I've lived amongst it myself to some degree and it's not pleasant. They are not nice people. They are mainly uneducated, mostly foreigners and don't work for a living. They steal, take drugs, drink to excess and generally make the places they hang about in, horrible for people to live around. They're not poor, they're on benefits, some fraudulently. They've got cars, mobile phones, expensive jewellery and a house full of electrical gadgets and these are the fruits of their thieving and cheating in a country they have absolutely no respect for. These are your looters and rioters. They have become professionals at milking the system.


So, what do you do? Firstly, you have to shut the immigration door! We are in a recession, we can't afford to feed anymore unproductive mouths! Socialism would continue to embrace newcomers that won't contribute and those working will eventually either leave the country, work on the black market or stop altogether. We are not all natural "sharers". Most of us realise that contributing to a community pot is in all our interests, but when that contribution becomes unfair, we'll stop adding to it.


Prison for criminals and immediate deportation for those newcomers that have abused our generosity, whether they have citizenship or not, whether they were born here or not, every single one of them originally comes from somewhere! I don't want to hear people screaming "you can't do that, it's racism". That's complete bollocks. If your kids invited someone to stay who ate all the food in your fridge and sat in front of the TV all day, you'd chuck them out. That's real life. If they have no papers, there will always be a way to find out where they come from. If they're asylum seekers, tough, they should have appreciated the asylum and not disrespected it. Under age, tough, the whole family goes back. If the threat of the deportation lies over the whole family, then that family will take on the responsibility of ensuring their offspring behaves in a civilised way. Yes, it's hard but life is hard, any asylum seekers escaping the terrors of their war torn country will tell you that!

Lastly, let's get the benefit system sorted. Automatic entitlement has to stop. You only get out of a system, if you or your parents have paid into it. That includes education, medical care and other benefits. We are not the world's charity!

Continue the way we are going and soft touch Britain will be a destination, not for hard working people from around the world, but for the feckless, criminal classes. Who in their right mind would want to come to a country that will take a huge chunk of their hard earned cash to chuck at wasters? What decent, ambitious, person wants to live round the corner to a ghetto run by African or Asian gangs? Can you imagine to what degree the house prices have already dropped in the riot areas? 

The people we will need to come to rebuild Britain will go somewhere else and we will end up with the dregs of the planet.

Of course, if we don't leave the EU and have control of our country, you can kiss what's left of the UK goodbye!


  1. Fantastic stuff, Sue. Have linked and tweeted.

  2. One BIG problem with that graphic which is that the column on the left measures an entity called Britain and the column on the right measures another entity called England.
    Britain and England are not the same. Spinning the argument I think it's referred to in media/political/financial circles.

    But you are correct in your assessment in my opinion.

    Two things have to happen for beneficial change to occur. The ruling socialist elite has to be put to the metaphysical sword or indeed any sort of sword and responsibility has to be placed firmly in the hands of the individual human beings not in some motherfucker state machine that only exists in the mind of the serfs.

    Once these are in place leaving the hell hole that is a socialist european union becomes a no-brainer.
    As a parting gift all British socialists can have a free ferry ride and a million pounds to move to mainland Europe or Ireland, choice is theirs on the proviso they renounce their British citizenship.

  3. Nice Sue - oh and I have mentioned 'ethnicity'!

  4. Socialism in action. Unfriggingbelievable... not.


    Why the fuck would a child care team want airline tickets? And there’s an East Childcare Team too apparently, so I filtered the original document to show all payments made by both of these departments. Total cost to the taxpayer £33 000

    The breakdown includes payments to Air France, Aerlingus, British Airways, Easy Jet, Eurostar, Holiday Inn, P&O Ferries, Rail Europe, Ryan Air, The Border Agency, The Passport Agency, Virgin Trains, Travel Lodge, holiday operators and a myriad of hotels. Let’ not go on about the payments to Harrods etc. I will make the document available at a later date. It’s going to the press first.

    Why would a child care team need hotels, passports, airline tickets etc? And why the ACTUAL fuck are you and I paying for these kids to go on holiday and shopping at exclusive retail outlets?

    Nuff said.

  5. It's time for plain talking my friends.

    There are desirable immigrants and undesirable ones. We want the former or our country will become a cesspit for the dispossessed.

  6. This could be a turning point for the European 'project' ... then again, the French riots from 2005 (2+ weeks) were quickly forgotten.

    Excellent post -- many thanks, Sue!

  7. Not a very Christian attitude I know but those that can't behave themselves cause friction between everyone else.

    We all want a decent place to live and a safe place for our children to grow up in, if we work together and get rid of the

  8. XX They bring with them the delights of their cultures to share with the rest of us,XX

    Great! So why my bussiness and house are being burned by these apes, I can enjoy a chicken vindaloo?

    Basically, if that is the "return benefit" they can shove their vindaloo up their collective arse (After all, that appears to be where most of their "culture" came from in the first place), and, vindaloo like, fuck off back where they belong.

  9. Let's be fair, curries are from India and most of the Indians I know are decent human beings.

    These "youffs" are mostly of African descent. They're third worlders who have violence and criminality in their DNA. It seems to take generations to clear that bad gene in order to evolve into a civil human being. I guess it's not their fault, look at where they come from. As you said, most of them should fuck off back, no loss to us whatsoever. They have brought us nothing but trouble!

  10. *Organisations like the BNP and EDL are continually penalised*

    Persecuted more like, I know so many members and ex members of both organisations who are costantly hounded and fitted up on trumped up charges with penalties that do not fit the supposed crime.

    We set up the radio to go live after it was taken down again in June only to have been knocked down again just prior to launch.

    We can no longer sustain the finacial implication of this or the harassment we have endured, that's why we closed.

    Bloody good post Sue and I can relate to all of it. V

  11. Meanwhile....Didn't you know that defending your streets from feral scum was now seen as "waycist" by the militant leftist scum at Lancaster Unity?

    And then the owner of the blog Lancaster Unity, one Denise Garside, has the bear faced audacity to refer to herself as Right-Conservative leaning 40-something

    Do the UAF see themselves as "Conservatives" these days one wonders?

  12. Great article Sue but I might add that, apart from the scale, there has been nothing new about the bullying behaviour of the looting and mugging scumbags. They did all these things back in the 70's and 80's when I was growing up in London but only when they thought that they could get away with it since in those days the Police had a firmer grasp on reality.

    Incidentally my area of London was not overun by immigrants but by gazzumping Yuppies.

  13. Seems if you're Turkish or Indian you are allowed to defend your homes and businesses but if you're white English, you're a vigilante! This has to stop.

    I haven't even been back to East London since I moved. Tower Hamlets, East Ham, Stratford and Canning Town were "my area". All my childhood friends and my whole family have splintered and have lost touch.

    To say I'm bitter is an understatement.

  14. Amongst the endless blogs and comments at the end of this tumultuous week ,the content of which ranged from superb to mundane and obvious and politically biased,i chanced upon John Redwoods blog that was inevitably was on the same subject usual thing cause and action.
    What was amazing to me was his answer to a couple of points put to him and followed up on MPs tax arrangement and the immigration problem that many blame for part of the troubles,his bland catch all answer to immigration was roughly thats how it is now we've always had immigration and we should all work together ,basically avoiding the question as to what if anything should be done.
    When pushed further the answer remained much the same until someone stated that we the electorate didn't ask for this mass immigration to take place,his reply was " but it is what you wanted ,you voted for the party that did it" did any party put in there manifesto they would welcome 3 million people to our shores ,vote for me,well i never saw it and i don't believe anybody else did,as i said he offered no solution .
    On the tax subject he constantly replied MPs pay tax like anyone else ,even when links were shown that stated Mps were exempt from prosecution if they are caught avoiding tax he still banged on about there tax regime being the same as anybody else's,they really still haven't got a bloody clue about why people hold them in such contempt.

  15. wiggiatlarge

    Nope, you're quite right and I agree with you 100%. Britons are generous to a fault but I don't know anyone that would have agreed to the type of uncontrolled immigration that we've had over the last few years. It has devastated our country.

    A party gets voted in primarily on it's manifesto and promises that it makes during the election campaign. None of which contained "let every fucker in regardless of their skills or religious beliefs". Personally, I think Manifesto's should be legally binding and if a party breaks their manifesto, we should have the right to have another election.

    MP's may pay tax but just remember it's us that pay their wages in the first place. Like all civil servants, they are not wealth creators. Only private business does that and you are quite correct, they are experts at fiddling the system.

    But, we have had a corrupt political class now for such a long time, it's getting them out and some honest people to represent us that's the problem.

    I'll let you into a secret. I comment alot on Redwoods blog but he never publishes my them.

    The truth hurts, doesn't it?