Monday, 15 August 2011

I'm Entitled # 1

Entitlement in the UK is for everyone except those who work for a living. "I'm entitled" -  I'm sick and tired of hearing those words, especially coming from someone who has never worked since he arrived with his wife and 8 children! Many of my friends are struggling to pay rents and mortgages as food and energy prices rise. Some of them have even had to give up their cars to get to work. With the government allowing scroungers like this to milk the system, it hardly seems worth working anymore.

"A family of asylum seekers has moved into a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at taxpayers’ expense. Unemployed Saeed Khaliif is being handed almost £8,000 a month to pay the rent on his house, one of the most expensive ever to be funded by housing benefit.

The Somali refugee, 49, demanded to be moved to the six-bedroom property in West Hampstead, north-west London, with his wife Sayida and their children after deciding their previous accommodation was inadequate.

Their old house, in Coventry, also had six bedrooms but, at £1,000 a month, was a fraction of the burden on the Government. The family say they wanted to be near friends and relatives in the capital.
But it is understood they left damage estimated at £600 in the Coventry property and did not pay their final month’s rent. Their new home has a 90ft garden and has been recently refurbished, with an en suite master bedroom, modern kitchen and large living room. It is minutes from West Hampstead Underground station and the neighbourhood is home to comedian Stephen Fry and actress Emma Thompson.

Housing benefit was recently capped at £400 per week, but the Khaliifs are able to claim more because they moved before the change came into force. According to property sources, the house was being advertised at a rent of £7,800 per month.

It is unclear how many children the family have – but up to eight youngsters have been seen at the property.

When approached by The People, Mr Khaliif said: ‘This is my house. We’ve got every right to live here.’

Speaking via his children, who acted as translators, he said he had not worked since arriving in the UK three years ago and admitted he was on benefits.

Residents in the street reacted angrily to the family’s move.An architect in her 20s said: ‘It’s just not fair, we have worked so hard to get where we are. We only just manage to pay the £3,000 rent on our flat and they have that property for nothing.’

Last night Johnny Bucknell, who is on Camden Council’s housing committee, said: ‘When Camden housing is gridlocked and there is ample room up north, why are we encouraging people to move south?’

The Department of Work and Pensions said the new rules now in force would make the system fairer. ‘As claims come up for renewal, people on housing benefit will have to make the same choices as people in work about where they can afford to live,’ a spokesman said. Mr and Mrs Khaliif refused to speak to the Mail yesterday. A handwritten note on their front door read ‘Media do not knock. We have nothing to say.’

Camden Council was unavailable for comment last night. I BET THEY WERE!

Source Daily Mail


  1. I read this Sue and was spitting tacks. Why are folk like this allowed into the country. The bloke's been here, not working, for three years and still needs an interpreter.

    There's something dire wrong with our politicians.

  2. With you there Ma'am.

    When I read that article it was like a Tourette's open day chez Caratacus.

    Think I might apply for asylum in Somalia and apply for their version of National Assistance...

  3. Thank you Sue. I hope you don't mind if I cut & paste this into an email and send it to my work colleagues, family and friends. I'm looking out of my office now at around 20 or so young people who get up every day, battle with London Transport and manage to get into the office to do a full day's work, not back-breaking tasks, just mundane office jobs but dignified and rewarding work nevertheless. They earn no fortune between them. I wonder how many of them it takes each month to pay the tax to fund this guy and his family. They need to hear about this and understand that that they are working for him.

  4. Subrosa : I was fuming. My daughter and her partner are really struggling. I just had to send her money so she could put down a deposit to move to a nicer area as her eldest will start school in September. I HAD TO PAY THAT and I'm not rolling in cash either. The British taxpayer is being taken for total fools. Spain doesn't do this, I don't know why the UK is!

    Caratacus, it's the "entitlement" that gets me, no gratitude, just pure insolence.

    Henry, it causes bad feeling all round, which is not what any of us want.

    David, Hope I didn't spoil you or your colleagues day but if we ignore these things, they'll carry on. Our young people deserve better than this.

  5. Of course it causes bad feelings, I am on benefits... Don't get me wrong but I paid 13 years of tax at 40% I haven't even taken back one years worth of tax in the time Ive been on benefits. I would love to live in West Hampstead.... And I would like a job but circumstances have made it impossible.

    In any other Muslim country in the world none of this nonsense would be tolerated, they'd have been deported by now. Especially if they were in the UAE or Qatar or Saudi Arabia or Yemen( which happens to be the nearest country to Somalia. Already they are flooding into Kenya. We know the reason behind Somalias civil war and the reason that the country has basically disintegrated but why can they not go to the old part of British Somaliland which apparently is functioning and where they can speak the lingo? Its not that difficult surely?

    They know that Britain will provide and they are taking advantage of it, Purposely I would say. They know that our government will lie down and take it and if there is any resistance that they will appeal to the EU and get in anyway.

  6. Utter bloody Madness, my brother and his wife both work and live around the corner in a pokey one bedroom flat that costs a small fortune. He will be so pleased when I tell him this one.

    Now you know my situation Sue, I had to pay for my daughter and her partner's food shopping yesterday as they are under the cosh financially even though they both work. I am so sick of the crap.


  7. I forgot to mention I still pay tax , Not as much as I used to but still equivalent to one months benefits for 2010-2011

  8. I know you've done your bit like the rest of us Henry and there are many professional people around that can't find a job.

    V, I'm continually subsidising my daughter. I can't let my grandchildren go without, even if it means I have to struggle now and again or work a few hours extra for to help out.

    It's criminal quite honestly.

  9. Thanks, Sue, for this post!

    Agree with everyone who has commented.

    My guess is that some NGOs are behind this. I read in a French left-wing magazine that they are known in New York City for finding refugees and other immigrants well-paying jobs which others (read 'long-standing residents') would have to struggle for.

    Anyone who says that it's his right to live where he wishes may well have some power behind him, whether that be a group or a community organiser.

  10. Churchmousec. Most of us are quite happy to help out people who have been persecuted and escaped terrors in their own countries, but this is taking the piss!

    I'd have to look into the corruption thing. It's almost impossible to tie a single decision to one person. They're very good at hiding their identities.

  11. If everyone who read this and felt anger just plucked up the courage to walk into the polling station and VOTE UKIP this would all be a thing of the past, and todays government would finally understand that the decent hard working people of Britian have finally had enough,
    Ots not wrong to look after your own country so WHY are we forced to keep our opinions quiet because its not P.C. to dare be honest about how we really feel about this and other serious atrocities being foisted upon us by Europe,