Thursday, 7 January 2010

Just a quickie for now....

The quicker we leave the EU, the better!

This is worrying but I have ceased to believe that everything can be put down to conspiracy theories and tend to look at things with alot more suspicion in these dark days of non-democracy.

Anyone heard of the "Euro-Med Partnership?"

"The goal of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation is to create a new Greater European Union encompassing both Europe and North Africa, with the Mediterranean Sea becoming a domestic Eurabian sea. The goal is to establish a "comprehensive political partnership," including a "free trade area and economic integration"; "considerably more money for the partners" (that is, more European money flowing into North Africa); and "cultural partnership" - that is, importation of Islamic culture into post-Christian Europe.

According to the SIOE, in the Euro-Med plan "Europe is to be islamized. Democracy, Christianity, European culture and Europeans are to be driven out of Europe. Fifty million North Africans from Muslim countries are to be imported into the EU."


  1. Sarah Maid of Albion gave a heads up a couple of days ago on this. As I posted there it is a BIG Sarkozy favourite, though Merkel slapped him into silence whilst the current shit storm rages. Wouldn't want the White Europeans telling them to get to fuck whilst our jobs go up in smoke.

    It is also implicit in my Team A/Team B analysis at my shop yesterday.

  2. Read this last week. Truly scary stuff. I wonder what skills these people will bring into the EUSSR, and how many extra millions of truly skilled Europeans will now flee this Islamic nightmare.

    Why does the msm in the UK not pick up on this? The Liblabcon party goes happily along with anything Brussels HQ does, so all the more reason to vote UKIP, or failing that BNP.

  3. It's most disconcerting to think that these things are being planned behind our backs!

    I will be keeping an eye on this lot!

  4. That explains what Labour have been doing for the last twelve years, Sue, we are running out of time to get out of the EU.

  5. It took me ages to understand and believe that the sole reason for surrendering our sovereignty to Brussels was the personal enrichment of our political class but I still don't see who stands to benefit from this move. Except Roman Empire recidivists.