Thursday, 7 January 2010

European Snouts in the Trough


Meanwhile, the EU is showing itself in it's true colours. They are demonstrating their lack of understanding of ordinary people and the common financial situation we are all finding ourselves in, for a new European Champagne Socialist way of life!

Mr Van Rompuy (you remember, he's a just chairperson, we have been assured and has no actual power) and Jose Manuel Barroso are furious at some member states who want to stop the 40,000 strong eurocrats getting a 3.7% increase in their salaries. The EU President could end up earning more than the US States President Barack Obamarama!

That's funny, I thought the EU was a democracy and if the majority have said "NO", then that means "NO"...?

Mats Persson, of think-tank Open Europe, said: “This is self-serving politicians and bureaucrats at their worst. And they wonder why people don’t like the EU.”

No shit Sherlock....

They really just don't get it, do they? We don't want them at all!!!!



  1. They'll get it by hook or more likely by crook.
    They may run the EU, but they are incompetent, thieving gits all the same.

  2. One day the French will get angry and then we might see some action.

  3. 'allo me darlin! How's it hangin! :-) Finally got me shite together and am back (for good) this time :-) Hope you're well - the blog's lookin good! :-) Missed our chats but have been good for nuttin, as you know! Anyway - glad to see your marching on with your campaigns! I've updated my blog and it's now at f.y.i. Hope to catch up soon my friend! xxx

  4. Shame we can't manage to summon some courage amongst the electorate but they are now so downtrodden and brainwashed, its going to take a miracle.

    Hiya Tory Totty!!! Glad you're back and have rejoined us!!! x

  5. They just want to get their dosh before Albion Alliance causes the Uk to leave and the gravy train to derail. :)