Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Amongst a trillion things that have successfully irked me this Christmas and New Year, the most amusing has been the two main political parties and their constant bickering and subsequent attempts to reinvent themselves exponentially according to what they think the public want to hear and what the others have said or inferred.

Cameron with his "Tories are the party of the NHS". It's the latest of the Conservatives cunning plans to a) try to prove they are the party of the "ordinary" people and b) to try to dispel any Labour murmerings in that direction that the Tories are going to destroy our precious NHS.

Of course we all know that the NHS is overfunded, overstaffed with bureaucrats and extremely badly run by people that know nothing of medicine (not to mention an army of illegal workers who seem to be overlooked). Millions have been squandered and wasted over the "Spine" national database and the technology they do have in place is inefficient! The National Health system is a magnet for foreigners that want free health care and they come in their thousands to take full advantage of that.

By far the most entertaining story of today is the news that Ed "the bigdick" Balls has announced that primary school children will be able to learn Mandarin and Arabic in a bid to keep up with other countries. Which countries, Mr Balls? They don't teach primary school children in Spain Mandarin and Arabic... What planet are you on?

Especially as the papers today are reporting that "Nearly a quarter of boys - and one in seven girls - is struggling to learn to talk (ENGLISH!!!) because thousands of households keep their TV sets on constantly making it difficult for them to understand the speech of adults around them". That's not counting the thousands of foreign kids that come to school for the first time not knowing one word of English!

I expect we can look forward to another few months of these ridiculous, moronic attempts at reaching out to the electorate. The fun will be in seeing how out of touch these politicians have really become and to what lengths they will go to to see each other's reputations besmirched!

I will still be voting UKIP. The important issue to me is still the EU and the subsequent return of our democracy to the people of the UK.

As for Anjem Choudary and his ability to enjoy the freedom that a democracy brings by purposely planning a march which is engineered to piss people off...... may I just ask where the line between free speech and treason is drawn?


  1. And a Happy New Year to you MV.

    Nice to see that your enforced absence has not diluted your unassuming views and language!

  2. Hi, Sue,
    Good stuff. UKIP may surprise many. The sad thing is that they could also keep Labour in power. First destroy Labour then build another, better second power to rival Limplegg and Kissmedave.

  3. Happy New Year, missed ja!

  4. I for one believe that to stop the march would be undemocratic and would set a dangerous precedent,i hope it does go ahead because it might raise the sheeple from their slumber.As for the forthcoming GE my worry is how little publicity the MSM are giving to UKIP they are totally biased towards the LIBLABCON triumvirate.

  5. Happy new year.

    I think the big story was in the Mail. They are saying that our power bills are due to rise by 500%by the end of this decade of austerity, due to our renewables obligations etc.
    £5000 a year power bills! and what the hell will happen to the rump of our industry?

    All this because the cretins who enslave us( all 3 main parties)want to save the world from non man made climate change. For fucks sake, the northern hemisphere is covered in bloody snow. This lunacy HAS to stop before we all freeze to death when we cannot afford to pay our power bills.

  6. Welcome back Sue. Anonymous @ 18.15 has read my mind about the march/msm party coverage. As for the LabCon, I don't think I can stand another 5 months of "your deficit is bigger than ours".

  7. Can there be any doubt that Labour's intention is to integrate UK culture with those of totalitarian cultures?

    The sex indoctrination of 5-year-olds is repulsive. No way would I allow my kids to be subjected to that!

  8. As much as I agree with everyone's right to free speech, there has to be a line between what is acceptable and what is not...

    If the march is allowed to go ahead we all know that the EDL and UAF would turn up too.

  9. Welcome back, MV, and a Happy New Year to you and yours. You have been missed, Sir, and your ever-moderate opinions have been absent for too long!