Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Amend the Smoking Ban - Save Our Pubs

From the seemingly never tiring crusader Dick Puddlecote!

I know, I live in Spain and I am a smoker. I know the joy of lighting up in a smoking pub and enjoying the evening with friends. Pubs in Spain are thriving, so are restaurants and cafes. It's because here, the landlords have a choice. They can choose to be non smoking or smoking.


Please spread the word!


  1. They are not going to change that one Sue, maybe the Tories will look at it again and amend it along the lines you suggest so that pubs have a choice and vehement non smokers could always go somewhere else where the ban is in place.
    I myself quit about 3 years ago.
    It's not just the smoking tho' it is the tax on a pint, many people can no longer afford to drink in pubs.
    But Labour really want to ban alcohol as well!!
    They are sanctimonious hypocritical Victorian missionaries sent for a plague !!

  2. We will keep on lobbying, the days of us smokers being treated like lepers will soon be at an end. If I want to smoke, I will, I don't care what the government says.

    When pubs draw the smokers back, everything else will fall back into place. It would be stupid for the Conservatives to continue with the smoking ban as it's ruining businesses.

    Non smokers need a place to go without smoke, but us smokers (as you must remember), like a place to have a beer and a ciggie, it's not too much to ask for, after a day at the office. After all, MP's are still allowed to do it!

  3. I am confident the Conservatives will do something about the state of our pubs, the smoking ban certainly was an intrusive act into the lives of ordinary people.
    The breathtaking hypocrisy of M.P.s, especially Labour lobby fodder is incredible.
    Yes Sue, I did enjoy the atmosphere, music in the background, pints and packet of smokes !!