Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Perth Royal Infirmary's involuntary euthanasia programme.

An investigation has been launched after the family of an elderly stroke victim claimed hospital doctors tried to end his life.

John MacGillivray, 78, from Auchterarder, was admitted to Perth Royal Infirmary having suffered a stroke on May 22.

Two days later, his family were told by hospital doctors he would die within hours.His daughter Patricia MacGillivray told Sky News: "It was to our shock, we just couldn't believe it. "When he was admitted to the hospital on the Friday he was still able to move around and feed himself and suddenly here we all were being told 50% of his brain was dead and he was definitely going to die that Sunday night and to prepare ourselves to say our goodbyes.

Poor Mr John MacGillivray

"There were several issues we already had with the level of care he had received in the short while he had been in the hospital, so we started to become suspicious. "That's when we started asking about his medication. "It was then we learned that the medication we had been told he was going to receive when he was first admitted, which was specifically for stroke, had been changed to medication for treating seizures which we'd never seen him have. "The effect of that medication was to sedate him."

The MacGillivray family instructed doctors to immediately withdraw all medication and launched a round-the-clock bedside watch. Within two days, Ms MacGillivray says her father had made such a good recovery he was being recommended for stroke rehabilitation treatment and four weeks later he was back home walking around his garden in Auchterarder (lovely name).

Mmmm. Not good NHS! I have some horror stories myself about a certain hospital between Luton and Dunstable along the same lines.......(yes, things I actually witnessed). Is it common procedure just to sedate elderly patients?


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  3. Jimmy Brown's mantra "doing everything we can" to streamline The NHS. Bet it's policy in most hospital trusts to consider the elderly to expensive to look after. Over sixty-five, maybe have a go at treatment, over seventy, scrappage scheme probably kicks in.