Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Here's a Thought!

I just read in "The Telegraph online", MP's have won the fight to keep their addresses private. Of course, everyone is up in arms about it.

"Despite repeated promises by Gordon Brown of greater transparency, there are no plans to reveal MPs’ addresses when claims relating to 2008-09 are published later this year.".

Actually, I don't blame the MP's. I wouldn't want my address readily available on the web.

Here's a thought..... why don't the fees office just give each separate property registered a unique number?
That could be shown against any payments made against it.


  1. Very good idea. The only possible objection I can think of is if I was being a snidey troughing cunt and didn't want my constituents to know about it. Which is kind of the point.

  2. Hopefully the troughing would have stopped by then and if you really want to find out, I reckon it's easy enough.

  3. MP addresses easy enough to find, just requires a bit of searching.

  4. Don't MPs put their addresses on the nomination forms when they stand for Parliament anyway?

  5. Main residential addresses, yes, but would second homes be on nomination papers? Doubt it. Possibly they'd be on 192.com but you'd need to know where to start. Taking Margaret Moron as an example you might not think of looking for a second property in Southampton right away so her second home flipping might not have been easy to find. Okay, so maybe if you suspected you might find out that her other half lives in Southampton and give it a try, but what if she'd just bought somewhere between London and the south coast? Or other MPs who've apparently bought just as investments, which is going to be fairly random. Anyway, the point is that to avoid second homes fiddles there needs to be much greater transparency, but the bastards are using security concerns as an excuse. Sue's idea takes that excuse away from them but would still allow everyone to see if any flipping is going on.