Thursday, 15 September 2011


We all know Greece is in the proverbial poop. The EU promised EUTOPIA but instead it turned out to be just another greedy corporation consuming the lifeblood of European taxpayers at every single opportunity. Rather than let Greece now default and reintroduce the Drachma so it can devalue and become competitive and hopefully start to grow again, the people are being held to ransom.

The Greek Government are using exactly the same tactics as ours does. Distraction, lies and then breaking every promise they made. The Greek people are now being forced to pay for the mistakes their government made but the extent of the extortion is fucking mind-blowing. Just remember, this money goes to the banks who encouraged this behaviour to begin with and who have the politicians in their pockets!

"Evangelos Venizelos announced last Sunday that the [property] levy scale will be up to €10/sqm – tonight it is up to €16/sqm according to the value zone. And Ilias Mosialos said on Monday that the tenants will not pay – but they will! The bombshell with the condition details was dropped at the same time that the conference call between Papandreou, Merkel and Sarkozy was taking place. A typical communication strategy of the ruling party PASOK to distract people…

Anyway, under the threat of having their electricity cut [this levy is being collected via electric bills], all Greeks will be obliged to pay this extra property levy for two years with the exception of all state institutions and the rich and  wealthy church (ncl. Agio Oros/Athos, the priests’ republic) with XXXL properties! Excepted are also foreign embassies and non-Greek Orthodox religious establishments.


...but you see what is happening? The electric company is collecting taxes for the government and threatening to cut people off if they don't/can't pay! To make things worse, government institutions are exempt and so is the church!

Can you imagine if that happened to us?

And we have "UN team accuses council of 'violating international law' by evicting travellers on extraordinary visit to Dale Farm (and even compared it to China and Zimbabwe)"

There are some terribly bizarre things going on at the moment. The EU is ruining people's lives and creating utter chaos. It should be dismantled immediately.


  1. Fabian The Fabulous16 September 2011 at 20:15

    "The electric company is collecting taxes for the government... Can you imagine if that happened to us?"

    It already does - UK electricity bills include a concealed subsidy to the renewables racket.

  2. Including VAT. I am just annoyed at the way the Greek people are being treated. Governments everywhere had better beware, tempers are beginning to fray and it won't be long before nooses start swinging from lamp posts.

  3. They don't care, the Greeks. They just get on their boats and head out for a lazy time on the water, drinking Ouzo.

  4. It's very close to a commercial predatory takeover. Buy into the company (Greece), misdirect them and get them into debt, lend them money they can't pay back, take over the assets and infrastructure in lieu of payments. You have bought the coountry.

  5. That was the idea all along methinks!