Wednesday, 14 September 2011

You can tell confusion is setting in when.....

two respected bloggers are thoroughly flummoxed!

What the fuck is going on?

Golem XIV's latest post "They haven’t a clue" and The Slog "who is equally fed up of bollocks"

My favourite person at the moment is that Marxist Barroso :) What a fucking mental case!

He's obsessed with Eurobonds. He was being reported STILL going on about them 21 mins ago... (click to enlarge any of the graphics on this page). If other eurocrats can't see that he's off his rocker, then quite frankly there's no hope for any of us.

"As for Mr Barroso’s eurobonds outburst, I give up really. As a young man he was a Marxist, and frankly it shows: he obviously still believes that property is theft, although why he thinks Germany, within a week or two, would vote to be the only issuer of such a bond beats me", says The Slog and Golem's take " Mr Barroso at the Commission wants to sell Euro Bonds. The Germans don’t"...

I just had to check again myself incase I was going mental too.... so that piece in the FT by Wolfgang Munchau...

I reckon he's decided to issue them himself. He's the Fuhrer after all! He'll probably call them a Barroso Bond.


I know, he looks more like Blakey off "On the buses" :)


  1. Barroso has probably got his flight to Venezuela booked ready.

  2. With a suitcase full of Barroso Bonds?

  3. Another one worth following Sue is Mish:

    As he says here:

    The bond market has this right.

    He is quick to call an idiot and idiot. Barroso being one he always has a swipe at

  4. Hi Mock the Left. Mish is in my FeedDemon RSS feed :)

    Let's be honest, if you rely on the MSM you don't learn a thing!