Friday, 23 September 2011

Emboldened Europlastic MP's

"LONDON, Sept 20 (Reuters) - The euro zone debt crisis is emboldening some British Conservatives to demand Prime Minister David Cameron scale back or cut ties with Europe, threatening to reopen a battle that nearly tore the party apart in the 1990s."

Apart from the obvious faux dissidents like Eustace, Carswell et al. Who are the rest of these heroes? Not that emboldened that they won't come out of the Whitehall closet then?


  1. The good thing is that I think they're well aware, Sue, of how the EUsceptics feel about them. They lack cojones.

  2. It's just weird after all the fuss that they're so utterly quiet now!

  3. Never trust the Tories - The Con in Conservative:

    The Conservatives are fooling most of the voters all of the time

  4. I think we knew it all along anon. I just had to ask the question. I think they've realised this fabrication was not going to fool anybody.