Saturday, 24 September 2011

Martin Horwood Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham....

.....doesn't believe in democracy!

This is Martin Horwood

Married to a GP (who is also on a mega salary being the Director of Public Health in Gloucester) and attended Oxford, Another rich champagne socialist. Another rich Limp Dim who doesn't think that YOU the electorate are worthy to be given a choice as to where your tax money goes.

He supports "Tribal Peoples" and their right to be treated equally and democratically but he doesn't think that his own countrymen should have those same rights. Typically, not only is he a Europhile but an advocate of climate change.

He is the party spokesman on International Affairs so I guess he has his position, salary and gold plated pension to think about before he does his job!

This is his voting record :

Voted moderately for more EU integration
Voted strongly against Labour's anti-terrorism laws
Voted moderately for a transparent Parliament
Voted very strongly for laws to stop climate change
Voted strongly for equal gay rights
Voted very strongly for a smoking ban
Voted very strongly against a stricter asylum system
Voted strongly for increasing the rate of VAT

This is what he thinks of his constituents who would rather leave the EU.

"HARDLINE Tory eurosceptics are the political equivalent of Asbo yobs, according to Cheltenham's Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood.

In a scathing attack on the Conservative right at his party's conference in Birmingham, Mr Horwood compared them with farcical characters from a Monty Python film and argued they needed to be politically "isolated".....

...... He branded them "the political equivalent of antisocial behaviour people".

And he compared the divisions within this group with those ridiculed in the 1979 British comedy film Life of Brian, where the People's Front of Judea harangue 'rivals' including the Judean People's Front, and the Judean Popular People's Front, to cries of 'splitters'.....

...."We have to isolate that tendency politically," he told the audience of Lib Dem activists.


See what he thinks? He thinks the people of Cheltenham who would like to leave the EU should be given asbo's and that they should be isolated from the rest of the population. He compares you to farcical Monty Python characters and thinks you're anti-social.

What a nasty piece of work Mr Horwood is. When the time comes for a local election, the good people of Cheltenham know what they must do.


  1. The Lib Dems are full of pompous, self-righteous twerps like him. His opinion is correct, so everyone else must be forced to comply at pain of taxation, fines and - eventually - imprisonment. Hideous and hell-bound.

  2. Once again the Touchy-Feely Party shows themselves up to be even worse than rotten, authoritarian Labour.

  3. The wheely-bin party shows its true colours. Anyone who votes Lib Dem really should read up on them. Having known a few Lib Dem councillors personally, they are not the friendly people one thinks they are but control freaks in terms of personal behaviour, thinking, etc. Just like this chap Horwood. They'd regulate everything if they could.

    Don't forget that they wanted prisoners to be able to vote. That was under 'Ming' Campbell's leadership in 2005, IIRC (the year I wised up to them).


  4. I read someone saying that Lib Dem was just another name for Communist in sheep's clothing. Maybe it is, given their attitude and solutions.

  5. They really have misnamed their party. I think lots of people follow them because they're green. I'm sure if some of them found out how undemocratic they are, they'd completely die out.