Saturday, 19 March 2011

Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen et al

I don't usually post on really controversial subjects, I don't really like to upset the apple cart, but, I am adamant about this.

These wars/revolutions in the Arab/Islamic States should have nothing to do with the West. These wars are tribal wars and I believe they should be solved by the OIC. What makes us think we can take sides with one tribe or another? Do you really think that if Gadaffi's opposite number had been in power that things would have been any different? These are third world countries with feuding tribes, they have nothing to do with civilisation as we know it.

The Islamic Organisation has 57 members sitting at the UN, many of them have armies, air forces and navies. Cameron says what we are doing is legal because it's backed by the UN. The UN is one of the most corrupt organisations in the world. WTF???

Have we learnt nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan? With our intervention, have they become democracies? If Tunisia and Egypt are finally sorting themselves out, why the fuck is Italy being overrun with asylum seekers?

Do Cameron and the EU understand the concept of democracy? NO THEY FUCKING DON'T or we would not be in the EU right now!

Inevitably, the West gets the blame if anything goes wrong. It's us, the taxpayers who funded this shit with our taxes who suffer, not our gungho politicians in their secure mansions and armoured vehicles, not the EU's unelected warmongers, US!

Lucky us, we get to pay more taxes and make room for even more immigrants who we simply can't afford to support.

We need to keep our noses out, this is not our business!

There, I've had my say, I feel better now :)


  1. Totally agree Sue.

    As for civilization .. I'm not even sure we know that much about it over here. But I do take your point :)

  2. The UK just became a great deal more unsafe ... thanks Cameron.

  3. This is the new Anglo French pact flexing its muscle for their own domestic reasons and a joint statement to Germany of who is the real EU military power house.

    We do agree with what Gadaffi said, as did Milosovic, what gives other nations the right to meddle in a sovereign nation's internal affairs.

    If an anti EU/Lib/Lab/Con rebellion takes place in Uk, will the UN/powers that be unleash airstrikes against one side of our civil war... Vendetta

  4. One of the biggest problems here is that most of these countries are artificial creations. Tribes don't follow straight lines drawn through deserts.

    If the UN and others abandon their rigid philosophy that countries mustn't change shape then most of this crap would go away. Iraq, for example, would be 3 countries with different religions and all eyeing each other suspiciously across border fences. Libya would split nicely into two bits.

    But the problem with allowing this to happen is that the idea might spread to countries where be the evil dictator is "our" evil dictator.

    Anyway, if the pissing around in the affairs of other countries is to stop it's got to be all or nothing. And that includes hardening ourselves to what 24 hour news will then show us afterwards.

  5. I smell the stink of the EU/NWO Mediterranean Zone in the making, Sue, and I can detect their shit from miles away! ;-)

  6. Sue, BS hits the nail on the head. Go read IPJ on Politics - good article!

  7. Caratacus: We were civilised once, I even vaguely remember.

    Smoking Hot: Tell me about it. I'm beginning to think they're doing it on purpose.

    RFB: I was thinking the same thing myself. Ours is rapidly becoming a police state. If the proles start rioting in earnest, how long before the army is called out?

    BS and WfW: That's the endgame, the final conclusion. Can't you just see the evolution of a world dictatorship slowly revealing itself right before your eyes?

    We have to stop it BEFORE it gets to that.

    There are certain blogs I read as soon as I get up and Ian's is one of them.

  8. Stupid to get involved in Libya. Leave it to the Arabs, Saudi Arabia & the like who merely "give support" whilst we give our young men.
    There's only one country in the Middle East we should support, but it's undermined by the media and left so stand on its own.