Thursday, 17 March 2011

Karen Buck... people in glass houses!

Karen Buck, the shadow work and pensions minister, has launched an outspoken attack on the Government, claiming that Tories do not want Muslims in central London.

May I remind the dishonourable lady that it is her government that that instigated the huge increase in immigrants over the last decade (3 million), without our consent.

It is also her government's fault that all our front line services are now serving a population that have never paid into the system and it is her government that signed the Lisbon Treaty allowing a further influx of immigrants free access to the UK (8 out 10 jobs went to immigrants) and all its benefits.

Not only that but it was deliberately done to "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather!

and.. it was her government that instigated the ethnic cleansing of East London of it's indigenous population, commonly known as "white flight" The Times



  1. Oh well I suppose that's Mohamed al Faheid packing his bags then ,along with the oil sheiks rich businesmen etc.
    Karen Buck ?
    Suprise suprise, she's a member of Ken Livingstones mayoral election team,well I never !

    A cynical ploy to get the muslim vote ?
    Very likely !

  2. She's a gift to the coalition!

  3. Dreadful archetypal Labour woman aka Jaqui Pornsmith. You might enjoy, Sue.

  4. As JuliaM says, the Cleggeron must be overjoyed. If she didn't already exist they'd be trying to invent her.

  5. Small, insignificant, blatantly stupid woman trying to make a name for herself and getting it radically wrong!

  6. And people still want to vote Liebor?
    I would have thought tha6t 13yrs of the last lot would be enough for anyone,but,seeing as they have imported their support,we might see another Labour Government.I certainly hope not.

  7. Whistle : Although I blame the MSM for much of the public's ignorance, I can't help thinking that there must be an awful lot of really thick people out there.. but then, look how many people were still duped into voting Conservative...

  8. Rhymes with "fuck" - how appropriate!