Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Definition of Irony!

You've just got to laugh haven't you, or you would simply fall into a heap and cry uncontrollably.

The EU Business site posts : EU sends 52 election observers to Nigeria

"The European Union has sent another 52 observers for next month's general elections in Nigeria where previous polls have been tainted with violence and irregularities.

The 52 represent a second contingent, following a "core team" of nine analysts who arrived in the country on March 1, the EU said in a statement late Saturday.

A total of 120 observers from all 27 EU member states as well as Norway and Switzerland are expected in Nigeria for the polls, scheduled for April 2, 9 and 16"

I actually don't know what annoys me the most. It could be the fact that the EU has a FUCKING CHEEK lecturing anyone on democracy or the cost of this jolly in Nigeria to the European taxpayers. You can bet your life they're not stay in some flea bitten 1 star hostel down the road!


  1. Ironically the Nigerians sent observers to the UK for the 2010 election and told us we were corrupt.

    It's a massive taxpayer funded circle-jerk.

  2. ASE, I was about to say that - or at least similar.

    It's all part of the NWO's gravy train.

  3. They've gone to show the Nigerian ruling elite how to rig votes properly and leave nothing to chance!

  4. Likewise SR, Mr Eye beat me to it.

    Muff makes the main point that it's a bit fucking rich for the EU to ponce on about "democracy" though I'm not sure that anyone visiting Nigeria views it as a jolly; Ive known people who have reigned rather than be posted there.

  5. I see no end to this charade. I'm simply at a loss of what to say or do.

    I suppose all we can do is keep on reporting, we can't rely on the MSM!

    My intrepid friends in the blogosphere.. without you, there would be no truth:)