Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Labour's Mass Immigration Scandal

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I know many people are covering this in the media and blogs but I feel so strongly that we Britons have been wronged that I have to add to the chorus.

The very, very worse thing of all is, that it hasn't stopped. We are still advocating an open door policy, despite the Progressive Conservatives rhetoric.

Only 1 out of every 5 illegal immigrants are removed from the country.

We still have millions of unemployed Britons, our NHS is still stretched, mainly because it was not designed to service so many people that haven't or don't pay into the system. Our children have suffered and are still suffering because our schools are oversubscribed. The social housing shortage is worse because for years immigrants have been given priority. The benefits bill is out of control as so many immigrants are either unemployable or don't want to work and have worked out how to fiddle the system. Many of our cities have been completely invaded (including the East End of London where my roots lie).

The people that have been imported to bolster Labour's votes, thank us by segregating themselves, demanding ridiculous rights and privileges and by denigrating our traditions and customs and even insulting our soldiers.

In the coming months, we will be forced by the EU to allow thousands of "new member states" citizens and refugees from the pre-democratic states of the middle east and africa to literally pour into our already struggling country.



The only political party that can stop this is UKIP. FROM THE MANIFESTO which you can see here and download from here (PDF).


End uncontrolled mass immigration

Introduce an immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement

Regain control of Britain’s borders to stop foreign criminals from entering our country

End abuse of the UK asylum system and expel Islamic extremists

Introduce a strict new points-based visa system and time-limited work permits

Triple the number of UK Borders Agency staff engaged in controlling immigration (to 30,000).

We are still being told that we if we mention the subject we are either racists or extreme right wing.

So, I say to you all righteous, left wing, socialists.


From the report :

Net immigration quadrupled under Labour, bringing three million immigrants to Britain (three times the population of Birmingham) while one million British citizens emigrated. In addition there are illegal immigrants who could number almost one million.

The economic benefit, in terms of GDP per head, was very small – whether positive or negative. 75% of the extra jobs created since 1997 went to foreign born workers.

92% of immigrants went to England which joined Holland as the most crowded country in Europe.

The number of people in work, aged 16 and over increased by 2.29 million between Q4 1997 and Q4 2009
but 1.7m of the increase, or nearly 75%, was accounted for by the foreign born

The government also claimed that immigration was needed to fill 600,000 vacancies. This was false; it was a version of the well known “lump of labour” fallacy which asserts that there are a fixed number of jobs in an


The waiting lists for social housing in England rose by 70%. Looking ahead, 36% of projected new households will be due to immigration; that will require building about 330 new homes every working day for the next 23 years.

Half a million children will be added to primary school rolls by 2015; a similar number will not have English as their mother tongue.

The proportion of children born to foreign born mothers almost doubled to 25%. One academic projection suggests that, if present levels of immigration continue, the “white British” are likely to be in a minority in the UK in the late 2060s.

The Points Based System has increased, not reduced, immigration.

62% of the public consider that allowing immigration to rise to unacceptable levels was Mr Blair’s greatest failure as Prime Minister. His memoirs claim that his strategy on immigration of “confess and avoid” won out at the 2005 general election.



  1. Phil Woolas is a fucking liar, sorry, I meant fucking misspeaker, they knew perfectly well what they were doing.

    They used immigration to create disharmoney, it's the tired old tactic of 'divide and rule'. They had to create divisions when they noticed that the whole country had become more or less middle class do class warfare wasn't working anymore and for that they created racially based ghettoisation.

  2. I tend to agree. It's a tactic that Hitler used against the Jews.

    It keeps the proles busy..

    I could fucking murder someone. I've lost my beloved London to a bunch of ungrateful third world savages.

  3. *I've lost my beloved London to a bunch of ungrateful third world savages.*

    Me too Sue, the East End is a great example of the ethnocide that's spreading throughout the country. Over time it dilutes the loyalty to the nation, thus allowing easier integration to the EU.

    We will prevail but fear it will be bloody in the end. Vendetta

  4. I'd add only two things. Firstly Britain that has no shortage of home grown unemployables and people who don't want to work, thanks largely to the grinning mutation and his snot eating successor. Secondly that UKIP is not the only choice because LPUK's policy is very similar with the exception of the five year freeze which as far as I can see does little but sound good since it's on PR only - I imagine someone considered the important point that you can't get the migrants you want, the ones who will work and contribute to the country, if you freeze all immigration.

    And for my money both parties have missed an absolutely essential part of a necessary immigration policy which is denfenestration as punishment for being one of the multiculti tools who achieved this mess. Ground floor for first offence and rising a floor each time.

  5. Radio Free, yes.. my roots lie in Newham, my family were Dockers. It wasn't posh in Canning Town but I loved it, it was my home.

    AE. I'm sort of between the two camps but UKIP have a more popular appeal. They should join forces for a while, such a coalition has to be better than what we have now.

    Defenestration of whom? The politicos who caused this mess or those who cause trouble?

    We should have been much choosier on whom we let in. In my opinion if an immigrant causes trouble, the threat of the whole family (cousins, grandparents etc.. )being deported would largely silence the trouble makers, especially by family members who adhere to the law and wish to stay and integrate.

    I realise we have some lazy bastards around but if we had more jobs we could make them work the fields, factories etc.. rather than letting the East Europeans get the jobs.

  6. Yes, UKIP have more appeal, but they have something like 15 years head start and I think rather better funding in its early days. It also got a lot of publicity for negative reasons - ahem, Kilroy-Silk. All that has made them far more widely known than LPUK, which I think has only just passed its third birthday. However, UKIP didn't get my vote last May - nobody did, actually - because the libertarian mask slipped with the burqa nonsense that Lord Pearson was going on about. Without going over old ground about that specific example UKIP showed that like the big three it's still about telling other people what to do in the belief that it knows best for everyone. Fundamentally this is not a libertarian position, though I feel that Nigel Farage is closer to being one than Lord P. Anyway, if I was to provide a snappy way of differentiating between LPUK and UKIP I'd say that one opposes the EU because it is libertarian while the other has become a bit libertarian because it opposes the EU. The first one gets my support, the second one needs to work rather harder to convince me it's not a bunch of EU sceptic Tories who'd probably be good for the country on that and economic issues but will still moralise and tell everybody else what to do.

    Defenestration for the pollies. We already have jails for the others and shouldn't be wary of using them. Space is tight at the moment but not jailing for victimless crimes - even losing victimless crimes altogether - would help. (That's something else UKIP are a bit quiet about btw).

    wrt being choosy who you let in - yes, but that's necessary mainly because of the idiot policy of making benefits available right away. It should be a simple choice of put in, hope for charity or starve to death in a doorway. It's got bad enough that until a few have starved the message might not go out to the rest of the world - Britain is bust and the milk and honey has dried up. Once in that position Britain would not need to be choosy about who it lets in because only migrants who are looking for opportunity rather than freebies, migrants who are choosy about countries, will give the UK a second look. Hope you're no more serious about deporting families than I am about defenestration. Sins of the father and all that - what if a family had two brothers, a burglar and a brain surgeon? But certainly should be deporting individual undesirables, and revoking citizenship if they've taken it it.

    Re indigenous lazy bastards, there's nothing stopping them working the fields instead of migrant Asians and E. Europeans right now, and they should be a better prospect for the hirers for language reasons at the least. Yet they're not in the fields and the migrant workers are. Conclusion: they don't want to do it and are happy to let the migrants do all the work. Frankly I take the side of the migrants - they're at least working instead of getting by on free beer vouchers paid for by everyone else. To be fair part of the problem is NuLab employment policies, esp. minimum wage and the provision of the free beer vouchers. Fix that and some might want to compete with the Chinese and Slovaks for the work after all.

  7. All good points although I doubt whether Brits would be willing to work for less than minimum wage whilst living in ramshackled sheds all squashed in together.

    The reality is, there aren't enough jobs and we should be ensuring that our own people get the work first. Killing the minimum wage would be a good step and obviously leaving the EU is a given.

    I'm way past caring about immigrants, they either integrate into the democracy they have chosen or fuck off quite honestly.

    I care deeply about my own people. It's actually quite natural to be tribal, they do it and so should we.

    One of the reasons I left Britain was because of the sheer arrogance and cheek of some of them. If I had my way, most of them would be asked to leave unless they have jobs or businesses.

    The EU can have them if they're so keen on diversity and importing the scum of the earth to live amongst decent people! Let them live in Strasbourg next to the ECHR and it's judges and then see how charitable they feel.

    None of them would get benefits, housing or have the use of schools or hospitals unless they had been paying into the system for a certain number of years.

    I get nothing here in Spain. I have claimed nothing. I don't see that I have a right to claim unless I have paid into their system for a good period of time. At the end of the day, one years tax and insurance doesn't justify me bleeding their system dry.

    I pay privately for all my services and if it means saving for a visit to the dentist, that's what I do.

    But you see, the difference between how I feel and say a Pakistani shrieking "I have rights" is, that I have self respect and a respect for the people I live amongst.

  8. That's the saddest thing - that we have changed nothing with the change of government.

    It drives one to despair.

  9. Sue: Agree that in a civilised society the ballot box is the way to go - unfortunately as we are no longer that, the lamp post is the only way we will get rid of these bastards!

    Oh and UKIP needs to get its bloody act together!

  10. Sorry for the late reply.

    ...I doubt whether Brits would be willing to work for less than minimum wage whilst living in ramshackled sheds...
    They wouldn't be. Brits would in nearly all cases already have roofs over their heads so the question is simply whether they're prepared to work for less than minimum wage. That they're not doing so already tells me what the answer is. Not their fault really - phoney Tony and Snot Muncher told them their labour was worth a certain amount and now many won't work for less, economic realities notwithstanding.

    The reality is, there aren't enough jobs and we should be ensuring that our own people get the work first.
    Now perhaps, but the fact that migrants, legal and otherwise, have been working in fields etc says that it has been otherwise until quite recently. As for ensuring who gets the work first, I've done my share of hiring and firing and my concern is only the pound signs (dollar signs these days of course, though I'm now a one man band and don't have the headaches that go with being an employer anywhere), I just do not give the remotest stuff where someone is from, where their parents were from, what their first language is, what skin colour they are, what religion they are or anything other than how they affect the bottom line. The one who looks like having the best effect gets the job - it's that simple. Tribalism, though it's probably natural to all societies, and capitalism are incompatible bedfellows. That they do too doesn't make hiring an idiot from your own country over a genius from somewhere else a good business decision. I say that as someone who may lose the odd bit of work here and there because to a small number of Australians I will always be 'a bloody pom'.

    ...most of them would be asked to leave unless they have jobs or businesses.
    No need if, as we agree, they don't get benefits. After all, what if they don't have jobs or businesses but do have a lot of money to spend?

    ...the difference between how I feel and say a Pakistani shrieking "I have rights" is, that I have self respect and a respect for the people I live amongst.
    I don't think this is a colour/culture thing so much as a consequence of kicking the doors open wide and letting it be known that free money, healthcare and housing is there for anyone who asks the right way. Earlier waves of migrants put in more than they took out. For example, the family of a Yorkshireman I knew who despite sounding like Geoff Boycott (really like Geoff Boycott) looked more like Imran Khan. He was 2nd or poss 3rd gen and the family members who were the original migrants did the stereotypical open all hours corner shop and worked their arses off. Why? Because they had to and because when it came down to it they were capitalists.

    The problem is not that the UK is attracting people from [insert country here] but it's attracting the wrong kind of people from [insert country here]. Get the right kind in and it's gravy all round.