Monday, 28 February 2011

Cameron the Traitor. Cameron, the lying, insincere Europhile snake!

What's that Dave?

Cameron, full of shit. Lying to get into power!



  1. I'm absolutely stunned Sue. I've just posted that too, after re-discovering it last night. How spooky is that?

    Great minds think alike though ... and I don't mean Cameron and Clegg either. Obviously ;-)

  2. Yes indeed, I spotted it last night too, but my blog is too new to create much coverage.

  3. I couldn't care less. Cameron only ever seems to prove one thing. He has a neck made of brass.

    What we need is Mr & Mrs Cameron and Mr & Mrs Clegg pictured 'swinging at a swingers party'. That's about the only scandal that could possibly put an end to them both.

    Although I'd lay odds both men would claim they weren't there.

  4. Max. Wow indeed! You and I must be uncannily, telepathically linked (or we both hate Cameron equally)!

    Woodsy42. I came across it purely by accident. It was only because of the posting of the interview by Al Jazeera on ConnedHome that I even looked for something!

    William. The man's sheer cheek is astonishing isn't it? I hate him with a passion, mainly because he destroyed what was once the Tory Party and betrayed every decent person that ever voted for them in the past.

  5. Cameron needs roping to a chair and shown this by force, every morning.

  6. Shame we can't beam it onto his telly when he sits down to watch himself on the news!