Saturday, 16 October 2010

It's a Part of the British Way of LIfe

Yeah right, like Morris Dancing, Fish n Chips and Black Pudding!

Well, we certainly have gained some lovely new British Traditions, Honour Killings, Female Mutilations, Rickets, Inbred Children, Rape within Marriage and not forgetting that great British Tradition "the Veil".

What complete and utter rot!

It would be like me suggesting to one of my Spanish friends that "el Bingo" was now a way of Spanish Life... I wouldn't have the audacity or bad manners to do so.


  1. And I would also guess that you wouldn't threaten to kill them if they disagreed with you.

  2. I hate bingo anyways.. but no of course not. I have the greatest respect for Spanish traditions and customs and always do my best to comply.. it's part of the fun!

  3. My other half is a biker! He has a Ninja. There are a few places here that do rough terrain biking if you're interested.

  4. I did like the comment from one of the neighbours (in the 'Mail', I think) that she no longer felt 'safe' in her street as a result. She was Asian, as it seems they mostly are in that street.

  5. I know a couple of guys who went off-road riding in the Picos de Europa mountains. Is that where you mean? They loved it, and I plan to do that one day. My off-road skills are negligible, however, so it would have to be a novices route.

    Always liked Ninjas, but never owned one. I think my head-down-arse-up days are behind me now. I still enjoy my biking, but at slightly less insane speeds these days. But I will never give it up.

  6. Julia. It's as I have said many times before. We are either a country (a sanctuary) where people come to escape oppression or we let it infiltrate.

    Now nobody feels safe.

    Richard, we are near the Sierra de Mijas. There are a couple of places run by Brits here. There's also a "wheelie" school (the guy who does it is some famous stunt rider). I think they cater for all standards. From learners to experts.

  7. *checks google maps* Wow - that looks like some superior lanscape. I have have never, ever been to Spain. Must rectify that. Thanks!

  8. Sue, why is it the Brits don't complain about all this? Why are our heads in the sand? When did the word 'tradition' leave our vocabulary?

  9. Subrosa, the Brits are scared. They have been bullied into shutting up. Answer this... How many outspoken Brits have been forced away from their blogs recently by the bullying left?

    Richard, It is absolutely stunning here. I have views that I never tire of.

    If you email me (email on blog), I will send you some links.