Sunday, 17 October 2010

No Shit Sherlock

Now why can't our government admit the same. The whole multicultural experiment has failed. It has caused animosity, violence, loss of free speech and the monetary cost to each country forced to take part has taken a toll on their finances and infrastructure.

The Video and entire post of Angela Merkel is here

They could have saved everyone alot of grief if they had just asked their citizens' consent (as was proper AND LEGAL).... because most of us would have said ENOUGH!

Just look at the comments on this piece in The Telegraph

Question : Is it racist simply to tell the truth and what is more important?


  1. I see Spain is one of the least indebted nations. If they quit The EU, they could borrow, more easily, enough to get by!

  2. The trouble is, Sue, as I'm going to post tomorrow, she has an agenda for saying that. She needs the neo-Brownshirts to deflect Germans from the real cause of their troubles.

  3. OR I expect the money it actually receives (rather than it gives) has helped it. By enlarge the Spanish are also a resilient people and have a little more fight left in them than the British. I have yet to find one that doesn't want their precious peseta back. Infact most of the prices are still in both Euro and Pesetas.

    James We all know to a certain extent that the politicians say much to placate us. Ours do the same but I think the Germans are a little more insistent than we are.... I read the German papers (being half German) and the people are very angry, very angry indeed.

  4. I was in France not long after they adopted the Euro, and was amazed at how easily they gave up their precious Nouveau Franc. I asked several people about it, and they all said it was good to have the Euro and they didn't miss the NF at all. That astonished me. I asked the same question of a few when I was there earlier this year - now they all want the Franc back. I'm not surprised that the Germans feel like that.

    One thing - the ONLY thing - good you can say about Gordon Brown is that without him, Blair would have taken us into the Euro as soon as he could, and by now we would be about as fucked as Greece.

  5. I posted on this too and now another Scottish blogger has written a post calling me a racist, demanding everyone ignore me on Twitter (not that I use it much), Facebook (ditto) and blogrolls etc. A real hatchet job by Righteous lefties. There are a lot of them around up here.

  6. Merkels clarion call got about 4 column inches on page 4 or 5 of the Daily Telegraph print version, Monday, I think.