Monday, 7 June 2010

UK. Safe Haven for Terrorists, the ECHR sucks big time!

It seems like only yesterday that this just happened.

The one thing it does prove, despite Cameron's insistence, is, we are under the EU thumb!

Not only is this corrupt, undemocratic regime extorting as much cash and power from the British people that it can, without their consent, but it is killing the heart and soul of the British people. The last thirteen years have been bad enough. We've seen our freedom of speech and way of life eroded, our history and customs trampled and stamped into the ground and our public services abused almost to breaking point, all for foreigners and to placate the EU and Labour Party. What actually made things worse was, after waiting 13 years for a glimmer of hope, we realised that even our Conservative Party were a bunch of left wing European suckups!

Why is it, that foreign terrorists and murderers are not only being protected in the UK but are free to walk about the streets as though they were law abiding citizens? Don't the British People have a right to feel safe? Why is it that an Englishman can be heavily penalised and made to feel like a murderer for smoking, which I might add, is HIS HUMAN RIGHT and yet a foreigner who was once on Interpol's most wanted list is treated with respect?

What the fuck is going on? I cannot comprehend how sensible, logical, intelligent people cannot see that something is not right here! Something is incredibly wrong with the European Human Rights Act. Isn't it supposed to protect the innocent? Those fleeing oppression and torture? What stupid fucking idiot interpreted that as protecting murderers from answering for their crimes?

Here is another one.

"ONE of the world's most wanted terror suspects walks the streets of Britain - after being granted BAIL.
Bearded Tiger Hanif, 49, is accused of a 1993 double bombing in India which killed an eight-year-old schoolgirl and injured 38.


Scotland Yard cops tracked him to Bolton, Lancs, where he had been working as a greengrocer for 14 years as Mohammed Patel. He was arrested in February and later remanded in custody.
But a High Court judge has decided he can be trusted to have conditional bail while awaiting extradition - a move which has angered police. (Sack this Judge, he/she is an idiot).

Hanif - who faces up to 20 years in an Indian jail - was once on Interpol's "Most Wanted" list, with his photo and description circulated worldwide.
He is thought to have changed his appearance to slip into Britain. Under his fake name he was initially refused asylum but later given a passport. (Of course they did, everyone get's a passport in the UK).

A friend with him said: "The extradition might not happen."
Hanif's solicitor claims he could be tortured in India. He is due back in court in London next month".

Do you know what? I don't care if they torture him. I don't care what they do to him. It's simple, stop allowing murderous scum to sit in our country, most of the time at taxpayers expense. He has been accused of murder and should answer his accusers!


  1. If only we could just leave, Sue.

    Re last para - cud not agree more!

  2. WfW. We could if the Conservatives would just say NO. What could the EU do? What would it do?


  3. Exactly Sue. The trouble is money. The big political parties receive money from the EU don't they?

    Would any have the courage to say no to anything? None I can see.

  4. Subrosa. Surely, the money we save has to be worth more?

  5. Captain Haddock7 June 2010 at 21:34

    We could save millions by simply bringing our Armed Forces home from Afghanistan & elsewhere .. and better employing them to prevent murderous, hate-mongering scum such as these from ever setting foot on our shores in the first place ..

    Sod what the EU or the US might say .. What are they going to do about it ? .. Throw a few "hissy fits ? .. Stamp their feet & go puce ? ...

    Sod 'em all ... Britain first, Britain last & if there's anything left .. give it to Britain ..