Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Different Party, Same Old Shit!

Theresa May, just as fucking useless as Jacqui Smith.

Are we going to get a government that cares more about the British People than terrorists one day?

This animal tried to murder innocent people and our government is protecting him. What a fucking sham.

Well done Conservatives, now the taxpayer can foot the bill for all those appeals and the subsequent benefits that will have to pay so these murdering fucks can live in council houses with plasma TV's

You can imagine those extremists having a good laugh!.
What a joke.


  1. Problem is, the previous Labour government hamstrung the courts with the infamous "Human Rights Act" (Tone's gift to his HR lawyer Missus)

    So it's a bit early to blame the current government, not that I particularly expect them to do anything about it though sadly.

  2. Sue, Quiet man is spot on. I am not optimistic but loving a period without Labour in charge. Cheer up, we may see better days yet!!

  3. I don't love anything about this current setup/stitch-up..... nothing is going to change while the Lib Dems are there to take the blame for the dropping of proper Tory policy by iDave's little Lefty clique.

    Okay, so we've got rid of Brown, where is the progress report on the Great Repeal Bill? Is it just another one of iDave's empty promises?

  4. Well yes, as QM says, the HRA has a lot to answer for, but there were 'activist' judges long before then, who'd thumb their noses at the interests of the British people, just for the Hell of it, really, as much as out of political correctness.

  5. QuietMan. If the Consevatives had any balls, they said fuck the EHR Act. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher allowing this?

    OR. It's going to take a rebellion to put this right. The Conservatives are carrying on the great Labour tradition of selling us out to the EU.

    Spidey, there is no change, we have three left wing parties to choose from.

    Mark, Since when have the British taken orders from anyone? It's pathetic.

  6. I suggest that the Tories "rustle" up a dossier from Pakistan guaranteeing prisoners a fair trial.

    They're used to lying, it should be any easy one. At least this one would be for Britons.

  7. If they can send Gary off to the good old US of A, why not this chap to a nice prison in his homeland?

  8. It seems that the co-conspirators who fled back to Pakistan are having a whale of a time living it up. No sticking bamboo splinters under their fingernails going on, apparently. Shame.

  9. You would think the government would be sensible enough to do a U turn in this case then, don't you?

  10. You seem strangely quiet sue, I hope all is well?

    Meanwhile a few of us are having a go at the alcohol banstubators at


    spoiling their new poll like we did last time, ho ho ho.