Monday, 7 June 2010

Democratic Deficit

Search on google "Is the EU democratic?" and all you will see are articles on the "Democratic Deficit of the EU" starting with a wiki post.

Most of us (with any sense), know that the European Union is not a democracy, at least for the proletariat. It is however supposed to be run by a democratic process between representatives of the participating countries.

I don't like whaling. It serves no constructive purpose. It's cruel and we should be protecting all whales. The "ConLibCon" is facing a multi-million-pound fine for trying to stop the international ban on whaling being lifted!

Most leading European nations, including Britain, support the moratorium. But under EU rules, unless all 25 Member States agree the organisation cannot vote, and Denmark is determined to block any EU bid to oppose the Japanese.

The UK would face the prospect of being prosecuted in the European Court of Justice for the ‘infraction’ – a legal term for breaking a nation’s legal obligations to the EU".


Well, I'm bloody confused or thick.

If most European nations agree with us and Denmark is the rogue, why are we being penalised? This rule that all 25 member states have to vote the same. That's not democracy. In my books a democracy is where the majority wins the vote.

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