Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Coalition

No, I'm not happy. As a "grass roots" Conservative I feel betrayed. We are heading into left of centre politics and I am disgruntled.

It's time for UKIP to capture the fallout. There will be plenty of right wing Tories in the coming months willing to join UKIP and make it the only right of centre party in the UK.

All we need now is for the Conservatives to go back on their word on the EU and we are well and truly fucked.


  1. The EU is now wanting to approve member states budgets, including ours, before they are presented. Soppy Dave could make his stand here, but I am not holding my breath.

    I think Cammy has prostituted himself over this coalition deal. It was a case of fuck the country. I want to be PM, and I'll do anything to get the job. No different from snotty in that respect.

    I think there will be an ever growing number of disenchanted Tory voters, and UKIP should be their natural sanctuary. I do think UKIP are long overdue a change of name for their party though.

  2. Hi Dave, I totally agree with everything you've just said. We shall see if Dave has the balls to tell the EU to stuff it. They are also planning a myriad of other "controls" including social reform, surveillance and education. We shall see as time goes by, how much power he has the bottle to grab back.

    I agree with the rebranding of UKIP, something possibly which obviously represents "real Tories".

  3. I have not noticed the new government protesting about the £8.3bn. contribution we have to pay into the EU bailout fund right NOW. The £9bn. of cuts announced by Osborne will end up mostly transferred to Europe, to help with a doomed propping up of the Euro. This silence is not encouraging, is it?

  4. Infact, they have come up with a seven page pact outlining their agenda.

    Have we seen it, No!

    "The text of the coalition agreement released today says that the UK government will be “a positive participant” in the EU and will play a “strong and positive role,” to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, the financial crisis and global poverty".

    Coalition Statement

    Same shit, different establishment!

  5. I agree with the sentiments here, and that UKIP needs a face-lift, but it should not make the mistake of trying to reanimate the corpse of 'true toryism'. The tories are hated across large areas of the country, and virtually non-existant in Scotland. If you remember that in 1979 the tories won 22 seats in Scotland, you can see how the quasi-civil war of the '80s has had a lasting effect. When you also remember how the tories have supported the EU project, from Heath through to Major, and there is little to gain by picking up the discarded tory cloak.

    My suggestion would be that UKIP develops itself as a coalition of conservatives and libertarians, with these being the two wings, so to speak, with both sides willing to compromise.

    I also think if the party defines itself as rightwing, or allows itself to be so defined, it is foolishly cutting itself off from large numbers of people for no good reason, although saying this I may be misunderstood.