Thursday, 13 May 2010

Just Fuck Off Cameron!

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The newly-minted Conservative-Liberal Democrat government coalition in London has forged an agreement on its future EU policy, moderating some of the harsher anti-EU Conservative initiatives as part of the compromise.

The deal, published on Wednesday afternoon (12 May), says the government "will be a positive participant in the European Union, playing a strong and positive role with our partners."

It maintains the Conservatives' pre-election pledge that Britain will not join the single currency, although the language has been softened and no longer includes the word "never."

"We agree that Britain will not join or prepare to join the euro in this Parliament," it says.

It also keeps the promise to have a referendum on future EU treaties which "transferred areas of power, or competences."

But the strongest modification concerns previous Conservative promises to repatriate EU laws in social, employment and criminal justice areas.

The new-look Europe policy now only refers to the intention to "examine the balance of the EU's existing competences." It also says it will "work to limit the application of the Working Time Directive" - an EU law, and a bugbear of the Conservatives, which limits EU citizens' working hours to 48 per week.

Fucking Traitors, the lot of them!


  1. Sue, you're so sweet the way you put things.

  2. Indeed :-)

    But you may like to delete the 'Sod the lot' widget, that's been superseded by events...

  3. James. I get so angry, not for myself, but for my daughters that have to live with this in the UK. They're both struggling to make ends meet. I'm constantly sending them money for bills they can't afford to pay.

    Things are pretty easy going here in Spain. You can just disappear and you get left alone.

    Mark, I have taken it down. UKIP need to gather their resources and prepare for the next election, they will win if things continue the way they are now.

  4. You are right, take care out there Sue!

  5. Don't we all Darlin' don't we all!!!

    Get out of the cities is my best advice and learn to live on the land , FAST!!!

  6. I live in the country here in Spain. I'm not the greenfingered type but this lot round here are pretty self sufficient and you can always barter.

  7. What about PR in the House of Lords? Lord Farage plus 20% of the seats minimum if Cameron flunks on the EU.