Monday, 15 March 2010


Why are we funding abortions for Polish women on the NHS?

Made in the style of a Mastercard advert, the flyers and posters feature a woman in her underwear with the words 'my choice' daubed on her stomach in English.

It reads:

'Plane ticket to England at special offer - 300 zloty (£70).

'Accommodation - 240 zloty (£56). Abortion in a public clinic - 0 zloty.' COURTESY OF YOU THE TAXPAYER!

It adds: 'Relief after a procedure carried out in decent conditions - priceless'.

I was only wondering as we didn't seem to have enough money to save 20,000 people dying of cancer last year because NICE say the drugs are too expensive!


Tackling inequality £21 million (failed schemes that obviously don't cover the rights of those with cancer!)

10,000 Polish (and thats only Poland) Women travel to UK to get free abortions £5 - £10 million

Benefits for FAILED ASYLUM SEEKERS £73 million

Consultants from outside the NHS £487 million in 5 years.

20,000 patients needlessly suffering and dying (most of whom are elderly and have paid into the system all their lives).


  1. Oh Sue, you've forgotten the thousands of Polish children for whom we pay child benefit. That is if their father works in UK and has left them behind/conjured them up out of thin air. £13 m a year I think the figure is.