Sunday, 14 March 2010

British jobs for Polish speakers only!

Can you imagine the furore if I placed an ad for workers that only spoke English? The Polish Company, Forza that supplies Asda with meat does just that. It runs it´s health and safety courses in Polish only. so if you only speak English, you can fuck the fuck off.

Forza’s advert was sent out via email by East Anglia-based employment agency OSR Recruitment earlier this month.

Headed ‘Immediate factory work available!!!!’ it continued: ‘If you are available or have any friends available, work is starting tomorrow for induction training.
‘Ongoing factory work (meat production) for 4-5 months, shifts are 7am-5pm or 9am-7pm.
‘Transport provided. Applicants must speak Polish. Please call asap!!!!!!’

The advert was signed Katrina Massingham, the company’s ‘industrial team leader’ and it was dispatched to hundreds of potential applicants on the firm’s books.

I´ve seen this story in a few of the papers this morning. Of course the company has said it was a mistake and have withdrawn the offending advert but the damage is done and the intention was clear. ONLY POLISH SPEAKERS NEED APPLY!

I can´t help thinking that they will still carry out their little "selection process" despite knowing they are breaking the law.

British workers had spoken of difficulty in registering with employment agencies that supply mainly East European workers.

"A Daily Mail Reporter listened in as the 31-year-old man called OSR to ask about the jobs last Tuesday.

The first question he was asked was: ‘Are you Polish?’ When he said no, but could speak the language ‘a little’, he was told: ‘Actually, you have to be fluent because the health and safety training is all done in Polish.’

By Friday, however, after The Mail on Sunday rang again several times and got the same response, the company appeared to have second thoughts about the wisdom of the advert.

An OSR employee gave a different version to a Polish-speaking reporter saying: ‘Actually, you don’t have to be Polish, but it helps.’

When another reporter posed as an English applicant, Ms Massingham told him that all the jobs had been filled but that the language requirement was ‘not too important now’.

She added: ‘For some reason the training was in Polish but we’re trying to get them to change it, because it’s a bit silly, really’.

Earlier, OSR also posted the advert in Polish in several of the Eastern European shops in East Anglia"

Read the rest in the Mail.

The UK Government is a fucking joke and treats it´s own citizens with contempt and utter vileness.


  1. But, of course, it's all a mistake, they didn't really mean it, lessons will be learned. It's enough to make you spit tacks. I bet Forza isn't the only one. I included the story in my Sunday Round-up and suggested a boycot of Forza and Asda - in fact Brits should do more boycotting - the stories coming out now about the ways in which English people are denied jobs in England make your hair curl.

  2. "British jobs for Polish workers" LOLs, Forza is Italian for Strength or Force.
    Actually I rather like our Polish friends and they are making remarkable inroads into the gene pool.

  3. I don't dislike anyone banned... but, for the company to advertise this way is just not "cricket"...

    I suppose the Poles are one of the most civilised East European countries. They at least look normal.

    Romanians, Serbians, Ukranians and others in that area look positively neanderthal and can't possibly add anything to any gene pool..infact they are the biggest bunch of fucking thieves and murderers I have ever come across!

    I speak from experience!!!!!!!

  4. This is not just U.K. We get the same here.

    But what struck me about the report, it came the day after the Mail tells us that because of E.U regulations, no country can demand that doctors, (YES those things who can decide if you live or snuff it) speak the language of the country in which they are working!

    And the blithering fuck faced twats at the Msail did not see an opportunity to link the stories!

  5. It's actually quite bad here in Spain (at least where I am). The Spanish will not take on foreigners unless they are absolutely forced to.

    It's a shame that British Companies cannot show the same loyalty to their own countrymen as other European countries do.

    There are very few true "professional reporters" about these days. I reckon most of them browse the blogs and rely on informants to get the news.

    Whatever happened to good old investigative reporting?

  6. Whatever happened to good old investigative reporting?

    It died out when journalists and news paper owners/editors discovered the "Governmemnt" would pay them a fortune in small denomination used notes, passed under a table in the back room of a pub, for keeping quiet when they were told to.

  7. Hello MV - long time no read, as they say.

    Actually this is most likely illegal under EU law, as was the UK trying to ensure that foreign doctors from the EU speak English. The latter was stopped; but not it seems when meat packing is involved.

    I doubt whether there will be a slap on the wrist meted out.

  8. WFW.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if one of us had done it?

  9. They look after their own all right. I have mixed feelings about Slavic women because I've lived over that side and seen the conditions. On the other hand, it's not our job to subsidize them when we have enough problems.