Friday, 26 February 2010

Nigel in Hot Water

Poor old Nigel (my hero), He´s likely to face several disciplinaries after his outburst insulting Rompey Pompey and the rest of the delegates in Brussels. Truth hurts doesn´t it, you bunch of communists?

There are several things that they can do to him now, says the Brussels Journal.

It would be nice if the British People would support him in this. I know petitions are usually a waste of time but, the EU do have one that people can use.

Perhaps we should test EU Democracy......



  1. Fully agree.

    You have a superfluos "usually" in your post though.

  2. PS:

    I'm free Tuesday. I'll go with him for the dressing down, and I dare say there could be a million like me at the drop of a hat.


  3. One little glimmer of light, like a distant star, the possible implosion of the euro!

  4. The man said what he wanted to say and that's why he was elected. Good for him.

    Maybe he shouldn't have become quiet so personal but you could tell he was furious.

    QT last night was a disgrace. He was only there to be pilloried but he held his corner.

  5. Subrosa. We need more like Nigel Farage. True conservatively thinking politicians who dare to question the legitimacy of the EU and its ruling elite.

    The EU was far ruder in assuming that we wanted to be part of their diktat without giving us the opportunity to have our say..

    I'd go too Uncle Marvo to support him.

    OR. The implosion of the Euro is a possibility. I can't see the German people wanted to bail out the PIGS personally.

    So, if the Euro implodes, what happens to the EU? Is that it? Are we then free from all obligations?

  6. Wasn't it great to watch Farage socking to Rompy?

    And, of course, he was spot on. Rompy does look like a damp rag and a second class bank clerk from a country that was cobbled together.

    And if the Euro implodes, don't worry, the scaly bloody reptiles will come up with some back-passage way of saving it.

  7. He still wants to join the Euro!!!

  8. I think your hero acted like a half- wit baboon and he’s only trying to make himself look important for the UKIP, but he actually made himself look like a comedian, and he expects others to take him seriously.?

    What he said may indeed be true, but he had no right to say he speaks on behalf of the majority of the British public because he doesn’t speak for me in such rude terms……he made himself look the prat that he is.

    And ask him why he has been named as one of the MEPs exploiting EU taxpayers in the growing “pensions” scandal, along with other British MEPs already identified in the scandal, named as Tories Daniel Hannan and Timothy Kirkhope, Labour’s Glenys Kinnock, the Lib-Dem Andrew Duff and, of course, the already jailed UKIP MEP Tom Wise.?

  9. What a glorious thrashing of the communist EU, Sue - Rumpy Pumpy looks more suited to living in a birdcage and eating birdseed - a right scrawny looking old bird he is too! Cant quite make out what species he is, though!!