Sunday, 27 December 2009

Blog, Holidays and all that stuff!

Blogging should be back to normal soon. I have had some sort of "lurgy" and have also been very busy what with moving house and running an increasingly busy business!

I have been promised faithfully by Telefonica that the internet will be installed at my new flat tomorrow. Promises mean NOTHING to Telefonica!

As soon as I have the world at my fingertips once again, I will be back moaning. I haven't even had Sky news for the last two weeks!!!!

I have lots to moan about... a massive list awaits!

I hope you all got lots of presents for Christmas and had a nice break with your loved ones.

Here's hoping for a DEMOCRATIC NEW YEAR!


  1. I'm glad you've broken radio silence, as I was on the verge of having to make the tough decision of demoting you from my top twelve 'blogs and promoting somebody else.

  2. MV! You are still alive! Been suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!!

    Trust you back to full health soon and that you get 'Telefonica'd' in the nicest possible sense!

  3. Glad you're back in the land of living.
    I just had what I thought was Swine Flu: the doctor said I hadn't but it was a viral infection. WTF is the difference? It felt like bloody flu!!

  4. I know the feeling, I'm choking to get back on the blogging campaign just as soon as I can, but circumstances prevent it for the time being.

    And Mark has already demoted me!

    The cunt. ;-)

  5. About bloody time, Sue!

    You too, Rab. ;-)

  6. Moving is hell, and the various 'services' you need to get connected up to electricity/gas/water/innerwebz are the demons tormenting you...

    C'mon, Telefonica!

  7. @ RCN, hang about here, you announced a blogging semi-retirement some months ago, so after a couple of weeks were duly demoted. It's tough at the top.

  8. I am not retiring from blogging, far from it. So many things have me seething at the moment, I can't possibly shut up :)

  9. Happy New Year Sue!!

    All the best for 2010.

    Yer old pal,


  10. Great to see you back Sue, hope you had a good Christmas despite the move, the lurgy and disconnectivity.

    Best wishes for 2010 which is looking good so far.

  11. Happy New Year Sue, looking forward to you up and firing again.

  12. Glad you're back - missed you!