Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Ray of Hope in this Despair?

A tri-party coalition!
Read at Nourishing Obscurity

This is just what we need. A new coalition. Some honest politicians (new and old), to start fresh. Let's get back to being a democracy. They'd have my vote!


  1. Mine, too. I suspect dithering Dave will be very weak tomorrow. I voted David Davies, thought I was wrong and now proved to have been right after all. I am mightily pissed off.

  2. There's nothing that he can say that will placate me. He can promise the earth and I will know that he is lying.

    Time for the three major parties to die a death. They've milked us for far too long and are greedy and corrupt.

    We need something new. Something fresh and democratic. People with enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and the will to put things right. There are enough of them about... Dan Hannan, Carswell, Farage, many in the Conservative, Libertarian and UKIP parties who believe in freedom and would be perfect to rebuild what we have lost. Possibly even some in the Labour Party!

  3. Nice spot MV. Have linked on my blog and posted. (with ack)

  4. It would be nice if the people involved could at least discuss a coalition. I think they would get alot of support!

  5. The thing is now not to just leave it as an idea but to start putting it around to people we know who can change things. It wouldn't be easy.

  6. I am trying James, really I am! We need to convince the really important people that this is a great idea.

    Infact, I'm convinced it's the only viable idea...

    Good on you!

  7. Serves the conservatives right for ducking the Europhile/phobe question so many times over the years.