Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Blair lobbies directly for EU presidency

He really is a slimy fucking cunt toe rag. I hope he gets it.. I don't think the ordinary British Public (those more interested in xfactor than politics) will be too pleased. Could even start them thinking that this EU malarky is not such a good thing!

He really is beyond contempt!


  1. Please don't associate the slimy bugger with rags, he gives us rags a bad name.

    The Red Rag

  2. I hope he gets it too, fine start for NuEurope.

  3. I hope he does not get it. He has lived every day since 1997 plotting for this place in history. It's why he let Jimmy Snot have what he expected to become (in this he was right) a provincial Governor only. I hope he is condemned to a life of rueful regret in which wealth is of nought without power.