Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm Gutted!

I'm really upset...and very angry. I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS! Where's democracy?


  1. Our old friend democracy fucked off quite some time ago Sue.

    The new arrangements are fantastic for the politicians, and shite for the rest of us.

    What else were you expecting?

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  3. I didn't really expect anything else but it's still gutting to know you no longer live in a democracy. I can't even explain how it has affected me. I'm so utterly, profoundly saddened that everything our ancestors fought for is gone. Just like that. I actually feel like crying....

    Oliver, drunk already?

    I will be tonight, a toast to democracy and skinful of remorse :(

  4. It's more or less what we've come to expect over the last few months. I'm waiting to see what Cameron is going to say tomorrow at 4pm. But I doubt it will be anything more than pathetic blandishments about reforming from within and not letting it rest.
    If he does that though he might lose the election, which is bound to be preying on his mind, especially after the reaction on conservativehome when it was rumoured.

  5. It is indeed a dark day in our history.

    The losses of freedom are too awful to contemplate: habeas corpus, presumed innocence, from 28 days to 8 months incarceration without charge, a mob of trigger-happy EuroCops in our towns, and the list goes on.

    UKIP may be our very last hope. They are the only party 100% committed to getting us out of Europe.

    But first we need NuLabour, BluLabour and the LibDims to implode. We are one-third of the way so far.

    A drink or sixteen are in order.

    We have lost much today. Mark it well: November 3 2009-The Day Democracy Died.


  6. I think I will erect a tombstone!

  7. That's a fine erection.

    I just wish it wasn't needed....

  8. It's on days like this that I'm glad I'm a pensioner and I won't live to see too many of the results.

    You youngsters, how I feel sorry for you putting your trust in politicians who are liars.

  9. A really depressing day, although we should not be surprised. I tried to read William Vague's comments on the EU constitution, but gave up in anguish when he said we could not have our referendum back. Fucking snotty nosed plummy cunt, along with the rest of them. They treat us like a bunch of special needs clients, whilst lying and stealing from us. UKIP for me now.

  10. Thanks Capt.

    Subrosa, I'm not a pensioner yet but give me a few years.... I mean to do everything in my power to change things..

    DaveP, I too am really depressed. They will be riding the gravy chain whilst people like us will be paying through the nose for decisions we weren't consulted on, unaccountable expenses, unelected representatives and the continuation of insane legislation!

  11. I pinched it Sue, and had an erection over at my gaff.

    Too sad to write a lot of text though. The tombstone speaks volumes on its own.

    I hat-tipped you. Am I forgiven?


  12. Fuck Cameron for the craven cunt that he is! We can still have a referendum and it's a very simple question....In or Out! I'm pretty sure I know the overwhelming answer.

  13. Please feel free to have as many erections of the tombstone as you like.

    Or make your own. I take no credit for design, some clever fellow/lady has created it online...
    Tombstone Generator

    I'd love an in or out referendum!

    I know how I would vote!

  14. I'm sorry but how can it be David Camerons fault, he was NOT the PM who signed the Lisbon Treaty after everyone else had left.
    All this bollocks will suit that scheming bastard Brown down to the ground.
    The only credible opposition to the traitorous theiving liebour regime is fragmented into pointless splinter groups, while Liebour's brainless block vote remains as solid as ever, oh bravo, that is a good idea!

  15. It goes without saying that it is Gordon Browns fault Sean. However, if David Cameron is expecting us to vote Conservative in the coming election, he must convince us that he has a viable solution to this problem.

    He is the only person once he is PM, that will have the power to do anything.

    Therefore, he has to make his position crystal clear or we will vote for someone else. There are two other political parties that have said they will take us out of Europe remember and they would have my vote!

  16. Sue,reading the comments and the content of other blogs, it's a if a Conservative government led by Cameron had sold us out lock stock and barrel to the EU, all the ire and hatred is directed at him, they are doing what the British have always done, shooting the messenger intead of the real culprit.
    All the while Brown is grinning that horrible vacuous grin hoping the opposition will implode in on itself, that is the only possible way that that evil git could remain in power.
    They also used it to bury the announcement of another, even bigger bank bailout, bigger then the 1st which caused so much consternation.
    As you said earlier Sue, somewhere else, scorched earth and all that, there is nothing left, they have utterly fucked us!!

  17. They really have. If Cameron was to convince us Eurosceptics somehow that his main goal was to get us out of Europe, I would probably still vote Conservative. I have been a Tory all my life.

    But, I can't help feeling deep down that he's really quietly pleased that he can blame Gordon, he can then relinquish responsibility and still look like the good guy.

    Unfortunately, we are not all as green as he thinks we are. The Lisbon Treaty is illegal and he could use that to make Gordons signing of it, null and void!

    According to the 1689 Bill of Rights – which neither the House of Commons; the House of Lords OR the Monarch can overturn; the signing away of sovereignty is not the gift of Parliment – nor is it the gift of the Monarch.

    That seems to make it pretty illegal to me!