Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sound Familiar?

Geert Wilders Landmark Speech

First seen on Gates of Vienna, subtitles by Kitman

Britain was under pressure yesterday to take in hundreds of migrants who have been living in a shanty town in Calais known as The Jungle.

The UN's refugee chief said Britain should take a share of the migrants who are to be evicted from their shacks when French officials clear the camp, probably early next week.

As many as 2,000 foreigners live rough in the Calais area with about 800, mainly from Iraq and Afghanistan, camped in The Jungle.

The proposal by Antonio Guterres raised the prospect of a repeat of the British humiliation when France closed the Red Cross refugee camp at Sangatte seven years ago.

Then Britain accepted and gave four-year work permits to 1,200 migrants who had been waiting near the Channel Tunnel mouth in the hope of making a crossing and claiming asylum.

But three months later, it emerged that the great majority had refused work and were costing taxpayers £100,000 a day in benefits. Many were living in hotels, including the four-star Adelphi in Liverpool. None of the Sangatte migrants is thought to have left the UK since.

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  1. Sangatte migrants is thought to have left the UK since.

    Nor will they whilst the state continues to bleed what little money left into their ever so ungrateful hands. These people, (mainly young and feckless lads) think little of us.

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

    Asylum should be funded PURELY by charity, and that charity should buy insurance for the conduct of the person sponsored (no crime, no kids) during their time in the U.K.

  3. Has anyone any idea which families these UN clowns derive from?

    I'll bet they've been telling everyone what to do for centuries and they never ever have to live with the consequences of their diktats, otherwise they'd shut up AND the rest of us would get a go at being a UN loud mouth.

  4. Incoming, in all EU countries and in the US, the Executive have been crafting and redrafting laws to exempt themselves from the hell they've created for the rest of us. B@stards.

    Sue, great find. And what a fabulous template you have - a work of art!