Monday, 21 September 2009

Thought for the Day - It's a question.

We have a Scottish Parliament - link
We have a Welsh Parliament - link
We have a Parliament for North Ireland - link

There's even a Muslim Parliament of Great Britain - link

So, why can't we have an English Parliament? - link

There's something radically unequal and racist going on here!

and another one....

I'm just watching Channel 4 news and the reporter there in Calais (prior to the destruction of the "jungle") says that most of the asylum seekers are Afghan Men. Why the fuck are our troops fighting their war when they are queuing to get into Britain to use what one so aptly put as "Britain has more facilities for asylum seekers than France".... oh, benefits you mean!


  1. Agreed. I sympathise with France on this one - if we weren't such a bloody soft touch with immigrants, then they wouldn't be hanging around the Channel Ports. This is completely the UK government's fault, and if I were France I would just wave them straight across.

  2. Strangely enough, and I saw this coming, when the camp is cleared out the EU wants to dump them in Britain - what a surprise - NOT! Bastards!!

  3. I don't get what happens in France then. Are they granted asylum and then just left homeless and penniless?

  4. I've been asking myself the same question Sue. If my country was torn by civil war and foreign troops were involved, fighting for my 'democratic rights' I wouldn't be hot-footing it to a far-away land, I'd stand and fight.

  5. We should make 5 years compulsory National Service a condition of citizenship and benefits. Bet they wouldn't queue at Calais then!