Friday, 21 August 2009

The areas of Britain where there are more migrants chasing jobs than locals

The true extent of the huge influx of foreign workers into Britain is revealed in an investigation by the Daily Mail.
In some parts of the UK there are more migrants searching for jobs than native Britons - even at this time of soaring unemployment.

Nearly three quarters of a million National Insurance Numbers (NINOs), a prerequisite for getting employment, were handed out to foreign nationals last year.

Of the 733,000 given out, 30 per cent went to Poles, 10 per cent to arrivals from the Indian sub-continent, and 5 per cent to Romanians and Lithuanians.

The jobs crisis is intensifying as more migrants arrive to find work and are prepared to accept lower wages than locals.

We should not be giving out NINO's to migrants who do not have skills we require or who are not self employed and hence self financing, especially NOT from outside of the EU!

Full investigative figures in the online rag! Makes for interesting reading!


  1. British jobs for british workers! It seems that whatever Brown says the opposite is true.

    Before I fled the UK in disgust 3 years ago, I regurlarly came into contact with people who had been priced out of low paid jobs by foreigners. I even had dealings with a guy who had to work mornings for minimum wage, and afternoons for nothing, just to stay in employment. He was too proud to go on the dole.

    There were many stories I picked up of east Europeans working extra hours for nothing. Even a Brit with minimal commitments cannot compete. Thank you Gordon. I want to return to Scotland soon; I really wonder if I might be losing my marbles!

  2. I really think this is something that has to be sorted out as soon as possible. Britons have responsibilities, mortgages and families to support.

    The government should not just ignore them in favour of cheap labour. They have a responsibility to the taxpayer to ensure that future generations HAVE A FUTURE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY if that's what they choose!