Thursday, 20 August 2009

Benefit Busters

I have just watched the programme "Benefit Busters" on Channel 4.

I cannot believe that the taxpayer is funding a private company A4E to "incentivise" people to go back to work at a cost of £100 per "client" a week plus a bonus if they get a job!

What the fuck is the job centre for then?

I suppose this qualifies as another "fake charity", except Emma Harrison has become very rich at the taxpayers expense....


  1. Thank goodness someone of a like mind. Saw this programme too and recognised the type who appeared back in the 80s - all these 'agencies' who would offer skills training etc. Nice wee number for that lot though isn't it. Stick your lipstick on Sue, we're in the wrong job.

  2. Just another one of Labour's pointless appointments.

    I think what we should take from this is: "Pointless Appointments are Pointless."

    I dare you to say that 20 times in quick procession.

  3. Definitely the wrong business. I'm having to work in 40 degrees heat at the moment. If a company I go to has no aircon, then I come out 10lbs lighter!

    I'm not great at patronising fat, lazy cretins and I don't think a kick up the arse would be viewed as an incentive Subrosa :)

    Pointless just about sums about Labour!