Friday, 21 August 2009

Record A Level Passes

Now, when I was back in school I was encouraged in A level Maths and the Sciences. I loved Biology and Chemisty but Maths and Physics at A level held many mysteries for me....

Seven or Eight years ago, similarly, one of my daughters was faced with Physics and Maths A levels, she wanted to do engineering at Uni... I, like any dutiful mum, decided to try and help her.. to my surprise I found it relatively easy..

I was really pleased with myself.. I thought.. I must have got more brainy with age or perhaps just more open minded.. able to absorb information more efficiently...

Sadly, I was probably wrong.. the A levels have obviously got easier.

In this Governments bid for equality, certain students who have done well in their A levels have failed to get a placement. The Universities have been told to give places to students from "more diverse" backgrounds. Unfortunately, that is unfair to those who deserve the places. The government needs to know their education policies don't work in state schools!!!!

Why aren't the applications to Universities done anonymously? That would ensure that those students, from whichever background get the best places, at the best Universities.


  1. Those in charge will not grasp the main point on this issue.

    It is largely irrelevant whether students have got brainier or exams have got easier, the essential point is that they are no longer distinguishing between students in a way that allows universities or employers to choose the best and therefore not serving the intended purpose.

  2. Radical egalitarianism, the sickness of our times.

  3. Silk purse, sows ear... comes to mind. Some people are not meant to go to University. If you can afford private education and the best for your kids, you should do it.. after all, Labour MP's do!

    Enrolling kids into University that won't finish the course is a waste of everyone's time and money!