Friday, 24 July 2009

I have a query about GP's

Can a GP refuse to treat someone for severe headaches and irritable bowel syndrome because they are overweight? Not vastly overweight, just chubby.... this person hardly ever goes to the Docs normally....

Having not been to a UK doctor in over 5 years, I don't know anymore.

Doctors here in Spain are still human beings and treat their patients with care and respect.


  1. They can and do refuse treatment if, in their view, the patients lifestyle is likely to render that treatment useless and thus be a waste of NHS resources.
    It has spread to cases where treatment has been refused for unrelated illness/injury if the doctor considers that a lifestyle will bring early demise and thus wasten that treatment.
    For example, last year a Cornishman shattered his foot. He was offered surgery or 'wait and see'. He opted for the latter. By the time he elected for surgery 'they' had decided that because he smoked he was likely to take longer to recover and that the surgery was less likely to be successful.
    In addition, because he smoked he would be more likely to succumb to MHRSA, Hospital Disease.
    Basically his smoking might fuck their figures/targets; as though Hospital government disease was his fault becuase he smoked !

  2. That's disgusting, the person in question doesn't smoke or drink, she's just a normal chubby woman...

    There is something radically wrong when we give failed asylum seekers treatment and not those that have paid into the system all their lives.

  3. So, in the UK, it's actually got to the point where if you are white, you will only be treated if you are healthy...

  4. The end game of this selective treatment Gestapo is to offer treatment only if you sign over your postal vote to labour.

  5. We need to take matters into our own hands and away from the benevolent State.
    I think we know when we can improve our lot, we don't need a Communist mother State telling us what to do, which is what Labour are, a polite word for Communism, I never used to regard them so, but now I know !!

  6. Hey, try being self-employed. You can't get treatment for anything that stops you working, because the delay would be more costly than the private treatment. I was earning less than £20k but not only was paying taxes for healthcare but had to pay for private treatment for a bad back.

    That was one of the things that turned me into a hard-line libertarian.

  7. Let's not forget that the bastard NHS recently stood by while a kid died of cirrhosis because he'd got that way through being a stratospheric level boozer. I'm sure most of the individual doctors and nurses would have preferred to treat him (and I don't know that a matching liver was actually available) but guidelines meant no transplant. So bearing that in mind, why would they remotely give a fuck about telling a few fatties with bad heads and dodgy guts to piss off?

  8. Socialised medicine is an evil. It allows government to impose their agenda on the GP's. The sooner we AXE the rotten NHS the better.