Thursday, 23 July 2009


Skynews and the other online news sites certainly are making a meal of "Swine Flu".

"Swine flu cases double as 100,000 people contract disease in just one week", says the Mail, "SWINE FLU CASES DOUBLE AS PANDEMIC STRIKES 100,000 BRITS IN JUST A WEEK", a Daily Express Headline!

Of course, it could just be that people are self-diagnosing online and over the phone. It's a quick process, self certification and your off for a couple of weeks paid holiday in the summer.

"Tower Hamlets in east London continues to be the primary care trust with the highest number of GP consultations for people with flu-like illness. It is seeing 792 consultations per 100,000 people, followed by Islington in north London with 488 consultations per 100,000.Other badly affected parts of England include Greenwich, south east London, Leicester, and Telford and Wrekin". - The Daily Mail (by the way, have you noticed how they kindly supply the link when you copy and paste now).

I only bring this up because something has been niggling me. I read a report earlier in the month which I found pretty disturbing. "London has 'major' TB problem".

I believe the systems for TB could be misconstrued as swine flu. The areas that are reporting the majority of cases of swine flu are areas where TB is rife...

We don't check for TB when people enter the UK, perhaps we should, it's an airborne virus and as one commenter on the epolitix site and one on the Daily Mail observed :

"I would be very interested to know whether Mr Tanner believes that the practice of spitting in the street, which is prevalent in London, contributes to the spread of TB? Local authority by-laws exist to stop this but are not used. In New York there is enforcement".

"I'm not surprised that Tower Hamlets is the worst affected area in the country - I live in a neighbouring area and the people here are filthy. They walk down the street spitting, coughing, sneezing and blowing the contents of their nose onto the pavement. They have no idea of hygiene or cleanliness whatsoever and this entire area is densely populated with very poor immigrants where several generations/familes are packed into houses and flats. The government have allowed London to become a cess-pit"

And they do, I've seen it....perhaps I'm just too distrustful of this government...


  1. Our cities are rapidly becoming massive third world slums. The attendant overcrowding and ignorant filth is becoming a dangerous mix. How politicians remain so blind to it is beyond me. madness. Ludlow's still lovely, though but for how long?

  2. To be perfectly honest Oldrightie, What the fuck is going on?

    We have honour killings, sharia law, TB.. this multicultural experiment is a disaster!

  3. Congrats Mr Brown, the British public have finally taken notice of one of your 'messages'.
    Everyone now knows about self-certificating for swine flu, it is commonplace in overheard conversation. Call the helpline, tick a few verbal boxes, get two weeks off for free.