Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hizb ut-Tahrir

FOX NEWS REPORTS : ANKARA, Turkey — Police say they have detained 165 suspected members of the Turkish branch of a radical Islamic movement in a nationwide crackdown.

A statement from the Istanbul police headquarters says the suspected members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir group were detained in simultaneous raids in 21 provinces on Friday.

Monday's statement says the operation was launched in coordination with Turkey's national intelligence agency.

It said police seized arms, hundreds of T-shirts emblazoned with a slogan calling for the establishment of one large state ruled by Islamic laws, as well as maps and flags of such a state.

The Hizb ut-Tahrir group is banned in Turkey.

What does the British Labour Communist Party of Idiocy do?

You may have heard of the group. They were built up by sponging radical cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad, who once called the 9/11 hijackers “magnificent” and spouted the cause of jihad against the West while scrounging £250,000 off the British taxpayer. Hizb have come close to being banned for their support of Islamic extremism, but our weak, enfeebled government, desperate not to upset anyone, worried it might drive them underground. Well, they sound like they’re really inside the big tent right now:

That's right, we let them throw a giant "Let's take over the west, death to the infidels" Party.

Not forgetting of course the "Islam Roadshow", led by one "ANJEM CHOUDARY", the well known "Death to all British Soldiers and Homosexuals" HATE preacher, who wants to convert us all to Islam, with us wimmin wearing those ugly hijabs.

I could swear, but really.......words FAIL ME!!!

Islamification of Great Britain

Planning permission has just been granted for a five storey mosque to be built in Harrow, to be completed sometime next year (and who is paying for this?). We are seeing more and more mosques being built and I rather think that the British landscapes and cities should not be altered out of all recognition just to please one particularly difficult and often "anti west" group of immigrants.

In addition, are the residents of Harrow going to have to listen to the awful wail five times a day of “The call to prayer”, if so, that is also unacceptable.

The question that needs to be asked is, why did these people come to the United Kingdom if they are not prepared to integrate? Why don't they just go and live in an Islamic country and be done with it?

Many other religions manage to live in harmony with Christians without making such a fuss and bother as muslims do.

Even our police women are being forced to wear a headscarf, just incase they have to enter these Mosques, as a mark of respect for the religion of Islam. Why don't they just recruit more muslim police officers?

Are they expecting trouble in their places of worship?

If so, then it would only be because they are allowing extremists to preach hate within them.

In which case, they don’t deserve any respect!

I'm sorry, but fuck Islam in Britain, I'm wholly sick of it.

Labour and the equalities commission have alot to answer for.


  1. I watched the trailer for the events on YouTube (London & Birmingham) and it's the usual politics of victimhood (poor me, poor downtrodden us). This organisation and it's leaders should be banned and deported immediately.

  2. Why are the bastards not in Afghanistan fighting for "their" cause? Because they might get a bullet up the arse?

  3. No benefits in Afghanistan is my guess!

  4. They're here to take over. I worked with a charming fundamentalist a while back, 2001, he used to tell me about the pilgrimages he'd go on. In his whites with an imam, they went to Sicily, Bosnia etc.. Recon trips he said.

    Our MPs, MEPs, elected officials are selling us out. They are traitors.

  5. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate on a couple of things here:

    In addition, are the residents of Harrow going to have to listen to the awful wail five times a day of “The call to prayer”, if so, that is also unacceptable.
    Probably not. I've lived near a mosque in the UK, even knew a few muslims who used it, and for a while worked quite near another (quite a large and well known one). The number of times I heard the call to prayer is precisely zero. The electronically enhanced voice of the imam that western TV suggests is the norm in the Middle East is not the experience I got of mosques in provincial UK towns. Besides, they were quick enough to embrace the modern technology of loudspeakers so I expect they'll soon move to using text messages instead, possibly setting the ringtone as a much quieter and more personal version of what used to come blasting out of the minarets in megawatts.

    Declaration of interest: I have been woken from a nice morning lie in on several occasions by bell ringers, rung in the middle of dinner and chugged when out and about by Christian charidees wanting money, and accosted by wild eyed madmen going on about the end of the world and telling me to accept Jesus or something. Some loony calling themselves a moslem might blow me up one day, but many many Christians have definitely got on my tits already. Especially the fucking bell ringers. Until that lot kindly shut the fuck up they're batting a sticky wicket if they complain about singing imams.

    The question that needs to be asked is, why did these people come to the United Kingdom if they are not prepared to integrate? Why don't they just go and live in an Islamic country and be done with it?
    Agreed, but to reference Christian scripture I can't help thinking of motes and beams in eyes. If integration was something we Westerners were any good at I'd probably be trying to learn to speak Woiwurrung right now. I've integrated into Australian life and culture but that's not terribly hard when it's so similar to what I'm used to, and so very different from what it was when the First Fleet arrived.

    Okay, what's done is done and we can't undo the very non-integrationist way in which British and Europeans dealt with other people in the past, but I think we have to be careful how we bring up the failure of some muslim communities to integrate well. We're just opening ourselves up to replies along the lines of "ha, you lot can talk, what about the Native Americans, what about the Raj, what about Africa..." etc etc. At the risk of sounding like the sort of self loathing lefty apologist that I can't stand I can't help feeling that the worries of Islamification teach us a little about what our fairly recent ancestors did to other people.

    Personally I feel that muslims should be able to go where they want, build what they want, and talk how they want. But they should not expect any special favours either, which means no translation services for people who can't or won't learn the local language and shouldn't get benefit money in return for fuck all. Mind you, I also say that about non-muslims. Slightly hypocritical of me if I'm approached by a Wurundjeri bloke shouting the equivalent of "get orrff my laaaaaaaaand" but like I said above we can't turn the clock back and undo what was done to other people.

  6. Luton have the call to prayer, my friend can hear it from her place of work. She hates listening to it, she finds it's an intrusion. People often complain about church bells being too loud too and they often get told to tone it down. I doubt that Mosques would be expected to comply should there be similar complaints, they'll play the "race card".

    I have no qualms about people creating pockets of communities (like China Town) but if white people did it, what do you think people would say? Can you imagine what would happen if a community specifically engineered itself to remain indigenous?

    Another friend of mine got told to leave Luton as it belonged to the Muslims now. She was treated quite badly when she walked down her street (she was the only white person living down there). She has now moved as she feared for her children's lives.

    She reported the incidents and nothing was done.

    Everyone should be able to settle where they want, unfortunately, millions of immigrants are coming for the benefit systems and it is now evident that much of our economic crisis and public services breakdown has been caused by this open door policy.

    So, life has not improved but degenerated for many of the existing population (migrants included) who have paid into the system for years.

    You can't blame our ancestors forever or we'd be at odds with Italy for Caesar, Greece for Alexander and Denmark for the Vikings etc...

    When we invaded a country, we didn't spend most of the time whinging that we didn't get equal rights with the indigenous population. These people are openly preaching hatred, something that the BNP would be arrested for!

    Agreed, I live in Spain, I get no assistance with language difficulties (I have to pay for a translator when I'm in over my head) and would be entitled to no money from the state until I have a paid into the system for at least one year.

    I am specifically talking about these radicalised muslims that are really beginning to worry alot of ordinary people.

    Let's also not forget, that this has been the only invasion in the history of mankind where the indigenous people are punished by their OWN GOVERNMENTS for resisting.

    Our governments have put in place laws that essentially make it a crime for millions of indigenous people to fight back and at the same time giving immigrants preferential treatment.