Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The Commission has received around 50 calls from members of the public about the BNP's membership policy.
So, there are at least 50 people out there who are not "White British", who want to join the BNP. Why?


  1. I wonder why too, unless its the menace division in the Labour ranks doing it which is the sort of thing they would do.

  2. They are perpetuating the publicity for an organisation that they should just ignore!

    If they want to fight the BNP they have to do it with their policies on taboo subjects like immigration and the EU.

    That's where the BNP have the upper hand!

  3. I can think of one good reason. In fact I think that we should all join. Then we can vote for some changes, chuck out the racist officials. Rid its constitution of racist elements of policy, introduce a statement of respect for all people, and a promise to represent British-born and naturalised citizens of all races and treat them equally, and to treat non-naturalised immigrants with care and respect.

    Keep in the nationalist element, that is independent of the racism, so oppose EU membership and any talking down of Britain. Probably keep the socialism in too: Labour will be so much easier to throw out of power if there is a respectable left-wing party for their disaffected voters who still have a tribal hate for Tories to vote for.

  4. The liberal left establishment have fired the opening salvo in the attempt to crush the BNP via the legal system.
    I agree CryBaby, could be the Labour dirty tricks department, but it could be searchlight, socialist workers, etc.
    Agent provocateurs, useful idiots, call them what you will.

  5. Richard, what you really mean is, you want a party to get us of the EU.

    The BNP serve a purpose, they are a balance to the far left/communist element. They obviously represent the view of a large number of the electorate and as such are a democratically elected party!

    All this extra publicity just serves to make them more popular. It's in the nature of people to do the opposite of what governments tell them to do!

  6. How can anyone get rid of a party which is legally enfranchised?
    How can you legally bar anyone (teacher, copper etc.) from joining a legal party?

    I'm no great fan of theirs; most of them are knuckle draggers, but they have a legal right to exist. And I for one will defend that right.

    Debate with them and show their policies to be wrong. That's the only way to do it.

    Perhaps all those of the left might realise that it's their policies which have caused the BNP to attract so many voters.

  7. The BNP serve a purpose, they are a balance to the far left/communist element.

    Eh? They are a far left element. The racism is why people think they're far right but left, right and centre can be racist dickheads. Instead look at history's nutters with the bloodiest hands - socialists and communists mostly. Now look at the BNP's policies - wouldn't be too much disagreement on some of the economics from 1970s Old Labour. And finally look at where they're getting their vote from - two seats in the North of England, which is mostly considered Labour territory last time I heard. When is everyone going to start calling them what they really are: a clone of unreconstructed Old Labour with a touch of old fashioned foaming mouth xenophobia on the top?

    As for the 50 complaints, I'd bet most or all are from well meaning righteous white people who wouldn't dream of joining the BNP (possibly being paid up Lib/Lab/Cons already) but want to indulge in a little mischievous shit stirring. Maybe they'll even win, but to what end? Can you see many non-white people wanting to join if they do? As you said at the very top, Sue, just handing free publicity to the BNP. It's as good as donating money to the bastards.