Friday, 1 May 2009


Has the world gone completely gaga? The new "swine flu" leaflet is available for download from the Department of Health in PDF format. It's an unbelievable 11 pages long full of valuable information on what to do if you have, err.. flu!

"Flu viruses are made up of tiny particles that can be spread through the droplets that come of your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

When you cough or sneeze without covering your nose and mouth with a tissue, those droplets can spread and others will be at risk of breathing them in.

If you cough or sneeze into your hand, those droplets and the germs in them are then easily spread from your hand to any hard surfaces that you touch, and they can live on those surfaces for some time. Everyday items such as door handles, computers keyboards, mobile and ordinary phones and the TV remote control are all common surfaces where flu viruses can be found.

If other people touch these surfaces and then touch their faces, the germs can enter their systems and they can become infected. That's how all cold and flu viruses, including swine flu are passed on from person to person".

Well, I knew none of that, I am truly educated and enlightened now, thanks Gov!

They even have one of those natty little rhymes for remembering what to do....


But, best of all... they suggest you set up a network... so come on, who wants to be my "flu friend"

I think I'm going to throw up. 

This leaflet is a complete waste of time and money. 


Let's get some perspective on this. Out of an estimated world population of  6,706,993,152 people, this is the map of reported cases and deaths in the world. 


  1. Go for it Susie, Baby. It really is a complete bollocks. So typical of Brown's activity for the sake of it and sod the money. All this hygene stuff from a berk who chews his own nasal product. Furthermore around half the households this goes to, don't wash their arses, ever, and/or can't even read. Cess pit leaflets from a manky "Great Leader".
    A large number of his flood victims are still homeless approaching the 2nd anniversary of his walking on water. Well flying over in a chopper. Still even Red Ken says they're doomed so it's not all bad news!

  2. Complete wankers. I wonder how many languages they had it produced in and how much it all cost.

    Petition hurtling towards 40k now and was collecting 500 signatures an hour last night :)

    Vote of no confidence next week?

  3. Sorry to post this here, but my blog went up the Khyber..
    Had to start a new one...

  4. Sorry to post this here, but my blog went up the Khyber..
    Had to start a new one...


    Nice one Sue!

  6. "Vote of no confidence next week?"

    Oh, I WISH!

  7. Can't access your blog Cato!

  8. Sue, try

    My fault for putting it in caps.