Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Parent Power, Gimme a Break!

Local councils will be obliged to take action to improve education standards if enough parents phone to tell them how crap their schools are. I'll believe that when I see it. Most of the time the thoughts and wishes of parents are completely ignored as though we know nothing of education. Normally, what the government says, goes! 

I do not know one parent who is happy about their primary school child being taught sex education but I doubt whether Labour would withdraw the policy just because some parents have moaned about it. The fact of the matter is, this government think they own our children. They are even monitoring them on their ContactPoint System (without our permission) just incase we put a foot wrong! They dictate what we should feed them, what their leisure time should consist of, how they should be educated and/or punished and are quite happy to take them away from us at the drop of a hat and place them with completely inappropriate foster parents. 

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security, you are not being given more power, it's another Gordon Brown ploy to try to distract you from labours utter failure in the education system.

Hatfield Girl blogs the failure very succinctly "Education has produced an entire generation from rising fives to sixteen plusses since the big blunt felt tip began to scrawl across our futures. We know that more than a third of that generation cannot read, write or do simple number. We know too, and perhaps this is worse, that many more are unable to spell, punctuate, construct formal sentences, command different modes of speech, have no foreign languages, no musical training, have lost their sports fields and swimming pools, are without libraries and even text books, and certainly face teachers under-skilled and poorly trained to teach subjects as central to any education as physics, chemistry, mathematics, classics or German. So that cannot have been the primary purpose of education since 1997".

He dismissed Conservative proposals to allow parents, faith groups and companies to set up independent schools within the state sector as a "free market free-for-all" which would fail a generation of children left behind in weaker schools. 

Of course, that would give us parents far too much freedom and the government wouldn't be in control then! God Forbid we choose to send our children to private schools, it might just show how useless state schools have become. No, Gordon would prefer it if we had no choice. He wants all our kids to be educated in the same useless system without the choices of private or home schooling!

This is another liebour confidence trick which hasn't fooled anyone! You may have lost your moral compass and marbles Mr Brown, but we have NOT! 

So far,  51,066 people want you to RESIGN!

"The Prime Minister was visiting a Lewisham school to announce plans to give parents more power over their children's education after a weekend of speculation over his leadership.

But the secondary school in question is embroiled in a battle with parents who are furious at being “ignored” over plans to merge it with a nearby primary" 

As I said, it's a lie!

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