Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ungulate Flu

I can't believe the fuss, IT'S FLU!!!

We only have one swine problem as far as I can see! 

"Resign Petition" at Number 1 Spot - (3.30pm GMT)

Asked for the Prime Minister's response to the petition today, Mr Brown's spokesman said: "What he is doing is focusing on addressing the needs of the people of the country and the big issues we face in terms of the global economic downturn." Belfast Telegraph 


  1. I thought Ed Balls always looked like that.

  2. It does kind of suit him :)

  3. lmfao! Funny - that's exactly what he's NOT doing "Focussing on the needs of the people" . . because the people need a fucking ELECTION!!!!!!!
    Great pic. BTW ;-)

  4. Jacqui Smith looks better than normal on that pic.