Saturday, 7 March 2009

Parents Face Court Action

Just to show I'm not always picking on minorities, this has me seething HERE... Christian and Muslim parents have objected to their children being taught lessons on gay and lesbian history, so kept them from school and they now face court action.

This is a PRIMARY school. Now, I'm all for sexual equality, gay rights, blah, blah... but please don't teach primary school children about gay history. It's just not "cricket".... teach them British History, Maths, English, anything.. but primary school teachers have no business teaching 9 and 10 year old children about homosexuality.

I would have pulled mine out of school too. I took responsibility for my children's sex education when I thought they were ready and chose the method by which I explained it... that was MY job as a parent! 

This school has gone beyond its responsibilities as an educational establishment, this is indocrination of a most heinous kind. This is taking the responsibility of the childs moral welfare out of the hands of its parents and giving it to the state. This is completely unacceptable!


  1. It's in order to educate kids how to become Government Ministers, chuck!

  2. The people who teach this agenda (not restricted to sexuality but all "politically correct" enforced ideology of the fascist left, especially white, male guilt and environmental fundamentalism) are so arrogant and self-righteous that they do not believe that their views are political. They believe that their views are right, any contrary view is evil, so their views must be forced onto everyone.

    The best way is of course indoctrination of children with propaganda. The fact that schools should not teach a politically skewed corriculum is irrelevant, as their views are not politics, they are a pure truth only denied by the evil.

    The fact that the evil view is "right wing" (carefully ignoring that the people who most disagree are often the nationalist socialists such as the BNP, i.e. left-wing) is not a problem with classifying it as apolitical, if you are skilled in doublethink.

    Remember 1984 was not solely or even primarily about control by surveillance. It was about control of population by control of thought (through control of language), control of teaching and information flow, control of history, control of the legal system and even control of identity and reputation.

    Where are we that we are watched, we are told what we cannot say, children are taught a radical ideology, our main news media fail to report important stories and massively distort others, history is lied about (Israel, Northern Ireland, the British Empire, Vietnam, Cuba, the USSR - all are misrepresented more often than honestly represented), where the "human rights act" is used to control our legal system, the government wants us to carry ID cards everywhere we go, connected to a database of information they choose to record, and where people are sacked or reviled for expressing opinions that upset someone or simply for their political views? I know it's a cliche, but that does not mean it's not true. We are in a dilute but developing version of Airstrip One.

  3. Oh for the good old days when I was at school. We were taught respect, discipline and FACTS!!!

  4. What the fuck!

    Those do-gooding twats would serve the children far better by concentrating on teaching the little fuckers to read and write properly. For, if we are to believe what we 'hear', many of them can't perform these basic tasks adequately enough when they eventually leave school.

    We pay the teachers to give our kids a good, basic education.
    So fucking well do it then, you gay and lesbian obsessed twats, and stop giving our kids a sexual head fuck.

  5. They Beauty is, if you introduce kids to sex at an early age, prohibit parents and teachers from disciplining children, undermine moral authority then when a few get pregnant, you can have them Sterilised.
    there is method in their madness, it is called Frankfurt Subversion.
    The Deliberate Destruction of Great Britain