Saturday, 7 March 2009

International Women's Day on LabourList

First off, what a load of crap! When is International Men's Day?

Secondly, how insulting is that? I don't need anyone to give me a day. I take my own days, I take everyday... I am a female blogger! I may not be as political as some but I certainly have an opinion and choose to voice it!

As for being techie...I'm pretty much as techie as they come. If all those women want to be able to do more with computers than send emails and write letters in word, then they have to learn, just like the blokes have to! It can be a hard slog sometimes but fuck it, if you want something, you have to go for it.

I can build, repair and mod computers, I can build and configure networks. I can programme in a couple of different languages and I love gaming! I have an I.T company. What do they want, the knowledge conferred upon them? 

Fucking stupid tarts! Go bake some sodding cakes for your men and stop moaning!


  1. Too Bloody Right. Yet James Purnell's pledged to give us poor women as well as other 'minorities' extra handouts to make sure that we're not rendered extra vulnerable by the downturn.
    Too, if you read some of the recent comments on ComHome re a shock return to traditional values, you'll bump straight into Monsieur Misogyny himself. A foetid, charmless sewer he is.
    I'm writing a piece on how 'women' are, technically, only about 55 years old - since de Beauvoir burst on the scene and told us we had to develop our own language as we've always been described by men in relation to men - will post it in a few days.

  2. Rock on! You just made my weekend.
    Guess Harriet and her ilk just got another vote of no confidence in the court of public opinion.
    I'm off to bake a cake to celebrate!

  3. Come on now ladies, if there's mention of free courses going in Macs then surely we should grab them - I certainly will.

    Trouble is this is just another load of hot air from labour. Used to be wearying and now it's just tiresome.

    I'm no techy whizz but I have built my own business site, do my own videos and otherwise make little use of this superb 20" iMac but that's because lots of the modern technology defeats me. What was wrong with the Amstrad? :)

    It's my intention to continue to express my opinions online and I don't need Harriet Harman's permission to do it either.

  4. Mara, I don't want a handout either, I am not a minority. I don't really read Conhome in depth, which bit was it?

    I don't read psycho babble either but I know who you mean and what she says. I don't feel a need to define myself as anything but a human being. I did like Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus though :).. that taught me alot about how men think or don't..

    Lawson, I actually love baking too.. I make a killer lemon meringue pie :)

    Subrosa, I personally don't like Macs (but only because I can't take them to pieces and mess about with them). I teach IT to older women (40+) to give them confidence and show them how easy it really is...

    Makes you wonder how some of these women actually got into politics, did they sleep or whinge their way up?

  5. older women (40+)
    Those are young and febrile girls in oldrighties' world!