Saturday, 7 March 2009

Gordon Brown in MORALITY call???

So says the Guardian... I just thought, you're having a larf, aren't you?

Brown preaching about Morality?

"The Prime Mentalist told Labour Loser activists in Scotland that he is now pushing for common international standards to curb the pay of bankers and "end the short term bonus culture." The World WILL LISTEN, NOT!

"Only government can make the markets work in the public interest and not their own interest," Mr Brown told the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee.(You certainly proved that Mr Brown)....

He added: "We believe that markets need not just money-men but morals, that being fair matters far more than being laissez faire and that banks must always serve the public, not just serve themselves." What????

I can't believe he's even got the cheek to use the word "Morals"... delusional tosser!


  1. Morals, I wonder where they were when the report landed on his desk about Jacqui fleecing the public over her sleepovers.

  2. Things are very quiet on the Jacqui front.. where is she?

  3. You fail to do him justice Sue. Reading what he said, or as much as I could stomach without inducing projectile vomiting, the extracts you’ve highlighted are the good bits, the rest was even more delusional.
    I really am seriously convinced the man is a nutter. Campbell’s “psychologically flawed” doesn’t begin to describe him.
    How in the name of God was this cretin ever allowed anywhere near the levers of power?

  4. PS
    Have you seen his "rant" on the plane reported in the Mail today?

  5. To tell you the truth I find it increasingly difficult to read the crap he comes out with. I get so angry I end up feeling stressed and one of the reasons I left the UK was for my health. With smoking bans, bin police and ID cards, it was either anti depressants or leave. I have had no BP problems since I left.

    I just read about his extraordinary rant... my goodness, shouldn't someone be referring him to a psychiatrist? Even Captain Picard in Startrek is outranked by his Doctor if she thinks she has reason to question his actions (sorry Trekkie logic).

    Hain's outburst, the beginning of the end for Brown?


    Nice referral there Sue.
    As for Snotty, I think you know my impartial stance on HIM!

  7. Relax, everyone!

    This is just a common-or-garden example of a burglar in police custody blaming his jemmy for his crimes.

    Nothing to see here, move along, please..