Sunday, 8 March 2009

Brown has lost his marbles, someone please section him!

Let's be "Frank" Gordon,  things have turned to shit for you! 

Darling, Balls and Mandelgit have all asked you to admit a glimmer of guilt on the government's part in the downfall of an empire! 

It transpires that you "threw a wobbly" 30,000 feet in the air over the Atlantic on your way to your moment of glory at the Obama NonFest!

Losing your temper and assaulting the press does not paint a picture of a man in control of his faculties! 

Denying all complicity in the financial woes of our once great country when you have been in charge of the purse strings for the last 12 years is at best delusional.

You know your party has completely fucked the UK the last 12 years, you know it, but you won't admit it and you are still intent on making us suffer to the very end to satisfy your narcissism and egotism. Let me assure you that you have already earned a place in history. 

Your name will stand amongst the others who went insane through power. You have murdered the British People, perhaps not physically but in their souls they are almost dead.

Have we learnt nothing from history? Hitler, Caligula, Mugabe, Hussein... and here we are allowing it to happen again! 

Its' beyond comprehension, nay, it's extraordinary that a megalomaniac can be allowed to run a civilised country in the 21st Century. 


  1. great stuff, Susie, baby, as always. I have a photo-shop programme but still struggling. Hope I make it before Snotty goes!
    A favourite quote of mine recently, can't remember who, was "Every time Brown smiles an Angel dies".
    How's the flu. I feel like I've been given a radio active coffee!

  2. OT from an earlier MV Blog, would I be allowed in your (40+) group. Fetching your gals, in my world!

  3. "We are in a different era. If we want to be the government for the next five years, assuming there is an election next year"

    Peter Hain, today's Telegraph. Chilling or what?

  4. Oldrightie, Photoshop is not for beginners. I will email you with some better starter packages.

    Am I missing all the fun? I'm in my own world gaming at the moment, fighting monsters, fulfilling quests and rising in the ranks :)

    If you want to come to Spain for your lessons, you can sit in for free :)

    Hain... what did he mean by that? Have I got to get my kids out?

  5. Wow, free! As for Hain, freudian slip or what? I hope it gets picked up. State of Emergency or Special Contingies act. Something they slipped in (pun intended) before the 2005 election.