Thursday, 12 March 2009

G20 Delegates Immune from Smoking Ban

Update : The Daily Mail has got hold of the story now :) Oh Good, if anyone can blow it all out of proportion, they can!

Labour has been accused of double standards for amending legislation to allow world leaders to use smoking rooms during the G20 economic conference. Dozens of heads of state, politicians and diplomats will be meeting at the Excel Exhibition Centre in Docklands, London, next month.It is believed that laws have been changed to get around the smoking ban and provide specialist rooms that the visiting dignitaries can use.

Smoking in all enclosed public spaces and places of work was banned under the Health Act 2006, and came into force in England in 2007. It is not clear which Government department has amended the law for the venue or whether is only a temporary measure. But the Foreign and Common Office, who is hosting the event, said it was aware of the smoking rooms and has launched an investigation.

Local authority Newham Council is also looking into the matter as environmental health officers in charge were not aware of the amendment. Critics say the Government is flouting the ban and should apply the same concession to struggling businesses. 

Smoking campaign group Freedom2choose chairman Andy Davis said: 'This clearly demonstrates that there are alternative solutions to the current smoking ban that our government is ignoring. 'Smoking rooms would provide welcome relief for our hospitality industry with the ban being acknowledged as one of the major factors in its current downturn. 'Our government is accommodating the political leaders from across the globe, yet they are not prepared to accommodate millions of their own citizens.

'This concession should now be made available to all private businesses and clubs for them to adopt if they so desire.' Conservative MP Anne Widdecombe said: 'It's one law for one, and one for another, and I think that sums up this Government.'

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Unbelievable, I just read Dick Puddlecote's blog and he says the smoking ban is being lifted for the G20 summit. I'm bloody gobsmacked.

Dick has the full story here

What hypocrisy! This is SO not right. They're getting a smoking lounge! While the rest of the UK are ordered not to smoke ANYWHERE and pubs and clubs are closing... these fucking hyprocrites are getting a smoking lounge.

Are we stupid plebs or what?

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  1. Same as those Twats in Luton shouting treasonable and racist rants and The Police arrest members of the crowd cheering the troops.

  2. One law for ... oh, that would be for you peasants. We politicians are above such things dontcha know.

    There's only one kind of "smoking" acceptable for our current scrop of politicians and it involves making sure that they are all individually conflagrationally advantaged by careful elevation and retention over exothermically excited biomatter so arranged as to provide for spectacle and opportunity for roasting the seed of the Chestnut tree, preferably at dusk, at the start of a large party involving drink, drugs and "grooving on down" to "funky beats".

    They are not even making any attempt to even pay lip-service to subtlety now.

    What's the English word for "guillotine"?

  3. Don't we hang, draw and quarter by tradition?

  4. Hanging, drawing and quartering is too good for this bunch - I want 'em face down over the dog's basket when the blade hits.

    Anyway, guillotine's quicker.

  5. Not enough suffering for me.. I need to watch them suffer, just like they've made us suffer for nearly 12 years.