Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Thought for the Day

Watching ITV news tonight, they had examples of small businesses with credit problems. These businesses have work waiting to be completed, they have their skilled workforces ready, able and willing. For some of them it's a question of just a couple of thousand quid!

If I were a millionaire entrepreneur, I would be thinking of setting up my own credit agency now to fund those small businesses. Even at a reasonably low interest rate, I would be on to a nice little earner and more importantly keeping people in work.

Why don't the government do that? Why don't they set up an independent agency in every county to help these people. Instead of financing the banks (which was a complete waste of money), they should have gone about setting up regional credit loan companies so that taxpayers money could be used more efficiently.

I am sure taxpayers would have preferred it!

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